Monday, February 28, 2011

Download X-Plore File Manager to your Android, Symbian and Windows Phone

Just because of the advancement and flexibility of the Mobile Operating Systems, sending Applications and Games, creating prov files and much more is now easier than before with the help of the recently released power-packed X-plore. The latest version of X-plore is the X-plore 1.52 released by the LonelyCatGames in December 2010.

X-plore 2014

X-plore have so many unique and classic features and functionalities which makes it a good File explorer / file manager Application. The features and functionalities are -
- Extracting of files from zip,rar,jar archives
- Sending of Application,games and any file via Bluetooth or irDA
- Creating of prov files and text files or folders
- Using of the processes and task manager
- Ability to view all drives /folders/files in tree view
- Ability to copy or move files and folders And so much more

Briefly, X-plore is a file manager developed for Smartphones, pocket PC, Symbian, Android and windows mobile software compatible OS.

=> To download X-plore to your phone, click here
Note : You can also download X-plore to your phone on other sites like
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