Saturday, March 12, 2011

Access almost any website in the world with these I.P Addresses

You feel like opening a site your friend gave you,after typing the site you saw the error "service unavailable".

   Last week,the website you were given by your overseas friend returned also another error "404 - The page cannot be displayed in your location".Definitely this means that you need a good working I.P (Internet Proxy)address,this address varies from one state to another,one country to another and so on.Without the help of the needed I.P address you cant open some websites and the I.P address of Nigeria is different from that of U.S.A and so on like that.
I.P address is always set of number in four places e.g or,apart from this,there are two main types of I.P which are Application I.P and Online I.P .

   Application I.P is the best and it will cost you some few bucks while the other one is free,examples of Application I.P are Ultra Source,VPN Analyser,Ivacy Monitor e.t.c,examples of online I.P are those ones you get from particular sites.

You can get day-to-day online I.P at the websites listed below -


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