Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to install Zip files on Your Mobile Phone and Devices

  If you are using a symbian phone,there is no doubt that you will surely install Symbian(sis) and Java(jar) files to your phone.But some cases,some symbian phone can only install .sisx and .jar files while some install all the three types.

  With the help of a very good application you can now receive and install zip files on your phone without any stress.Zip files are only known to work on Computers only but you can now install zip files on your phone.This application's main function is to open,extract,create and install zip files on your phone and it is called 'Handy Zip'

.....To download Handy zip to your Symbian Sis phone - click here
......To download Handy zip to your Symbian Sisx phone - click here

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