Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to Get a Customized Email Account for Your Business

     Do you sometimes wonder how you could get yourself or your business a customized email address like internet@consultant.com  , me@myself.com  etc.  Without using email services like Gmail, Yahoo mail, and so on in order to make your business look more official. Just calm down, you are at the right place. With this interesting post, you will be able to create your own desired email type from the following domain names - @contractor.net. @accountant.com @cheerful.com @engineer.com @lawyer.com @doctor.com @post.com and much more.

   Click here to start creating your desired domain name email, after clicking here; you will have to fill in the following details correctly like the normal email creating process – 

* Desired email address and domain name
* Gender, Date of Birth and Country
* First name, middle name and last name
* Password, email, security question and answer

    After filling the details successfully, you will be shown a congratulations message, now you are done with your new customized email.

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