Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to open more than one Facebook account with your browser

     Sometimes, the condition or circumstances might occur when you and your friends will have to use one computer together for a while… with out wasting time you noticed the computer have a browser or two browsers on it – Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.
    With this single computer, you and your friends have to open your Gmail, Facebook accounts at the same time, after opening your Facebook in a tab your friend also opened his own Facebook in a new tab … But these accounts are always linking together which means only one Facebook, Gmail account can only be opened  on it. The best solution to this is that one Facebook account should be opened with Mozilla Firefox and the other Facebook account with Internet Explorer, it won’t link together again after doing this.

    Another way to open multiple Facebook accounts with a browser is by using Hidemyass, after visiting hidemyass you will type the URL address of the website you want to visit in the URL bar and press ENTER. e.g. and press ENTER. When the page finish loading you will see the Facebook page and then login without disturbing the other Facebook account also opened with the browser earlier.

    NOTE: This method of opening multiple accounts with a browser applies to all account including Gmail, yahoo mail, Facebook etc. and you can open as many as you want… I hope this simple tip works well for you and please drop your comment below about it.

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