Sunday, January 8, 2012

10 Symbian Applications You Should Install on Your Symbian Phone

   If you have a Symbian phone and you just don’t know the applications to install on it, then I will like to tell you I’m also using a Symbian phone and I really enjoyed those applications I am using on it, these are the top ten applications I will advise you to have on your Symbian phone.

NetQin Anti-Virus:  You can install any type of antivirus on it but the latest version of NetQin Antivirus will work real fine on your Symbian phone because it is going to scan your phone & remove the viruses found provided that you update it regularly. Download NetQin
Opera Mini:  Opera mini is one of the best mobile web browser  in the market, you can surf numerous websites with opera mini switching between tabs like you are browsing on the Computer, Opera mini comes in different versions and it really helps in experiencing how it feels like to have a browser in your pocket. Download Opera Mini
UC Browser:  UC Browser is also a web browser but the only reason why I am recommending it is because of its super download ability. With UC Browser you can download with super speed, you can resume your download even after pausing for a long time and it will start right from where you paused it… You can also send some downloaded files to another mobile phone Via Bluetooth. Download UC Browser
Call Recorder:  With Call Recorder, you can record both your ‘incoming calls’ and ‘outgoing calls’ and not only that; you can also blacklist some phone numbers so that they won’t be able to call you. I’m sure you already know the advantages of having a call recorder. Download Call recorder
X-plore:  You can explore your phone with X-plore. You can send applications, games etc., You can create prov proxy, You can copy, move and cut any type of document, You can extract files from the Zip, Rar and Jar Archives etc. Download X-plore
Nimbuzz: Nimbuzz is a good online chatting application which can be used to chat in many online chat sites & social network; you can use it to chat on Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, Nimbuzz, MSN and so much more with other interesting features and sounds. Download Nimbuzz
Binu: With this wonderful application, you can send free text messages to any mobile phone number in the world, you just have to sign up if you are a new user or sign in if you are a new user in order to enjoy the application. Download Binu
Google Maps: Google maps can help you search for places all over the world, even if you are lost or you need help getting somewhere then you can consult your Map, it will give you full details including area photograph of where you need to get to.  It is not necessary you have Google Map on your phone; you can also use other maps like Ovi Map etc. Download Google Maps
Whats App: Blackberry Phones always come with a Blackberry Messenger (BBM) which you can ping with but Nokia phones don’t have such a thing but you can also ping with your Nokia Phones making use of this Pinging Application, it’s so interesting pinging with whats app. Download Whats App
Adobe PDF Reader: Turn your phone into a reader with the Adobe PDF reader, Adobe PDF Reader is used to read PDF files on your phone with ease even when you are on the go, download the application and see what I mean. Download Adobe PDF Reader
   If you can afford to have all these applications on your mobile phone, there is no doubt that you are going to enjoy your phone like I am also enjoying mine but note that the above applications are for Symbian phones only although the java, blackberry and other formats of these applications are also available on the internet. Hope This Helps !!!

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