Monday, January 7, 2013

How to Enable Wi-Fi Internet sharing on Windows Mobile Smartphone

   Do you know you can turn your Windows Mobile Pocket PC into a wireless router? Yes, it’s possible but do you know how to do it? Don’t worry about that because you are few minutes away from turning your Smartphone into a Wi-Fi router, after turning your phone into a Wi-Fi router you will have access to internet sharing.
Internet sharing is the process whereby you share your internet connection with other devices, the sharing maybe by cable (LAN), Bluetooth or Wireless. But in this post, we are dealing with the wireless way of sharing internet connection.

Advantages of Wi-Fi Internet Sharing on your Pocket PC
>>  The ability to share a single internet connection with other devices. e.g. when a friend has access to the internet and you don’t have, he can share his own data access with you easily.

>>  Easy movement and mobility with wide range access to the internet. i.e. you don’t have to sit side by side with the person you are sharing with, it works even in quite long distance .

>>  Easy access to the internet on your PC using your phone as the internet modem. i.e. you can share the internet access with your PC making use of your PC’s WLAN without looking for a USB Modem.

  These are just few among the advantages of the Wi-Fi internet sharing, now that you’ve seen the advantages of enabling Wi-Fi internet sharing on your Pocket PC, let’s get started with the procedure.

Step by Step Procedure

>>  Download The Wi-Fi Internet sharing software here

>>  Open the just downloaded software and install it

>>  When you are done with the installation, connect your phone to the internet via your phone’s Data Connection

>>  Now turn on your Wi-Fi and Launch the newly installed Wi-Fi software (Go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi Internet Sharing)

>>  Now, you will see Name: input the name of your Wi-Fi (just put any name)

                                WEP key (10 digits): input your 10 digits security number

                             Internet: now choose your internet connection provider

   After filling the details above, press ‘start’ and you will get a ‘wireless connection is now running’ message which means your Wi-Fi connection is now ready, whenever anyone searches for Wi-Fi connections wherever you are, your Wi-Fi connection will be seen provided that you put it ON but note that nobody will have access to your Wi-Fi Internet unless they provide the 10 digits security number you used when establishing the connection. Hope this Helps

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