Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blogging Tips for 2013 - Keep Up or Get Left Behind

 This is a Guest Post by Sarah Williams

   What’s the point in having a blog if no one is interested in it and doesn’t want to look at it ? There is no point. If you are thinking about creating your own website or blog this year or you already have a website that you would like to improve, then the following blogging tips for 2013 can help you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
   If you have your own website, then you will want to make it more visible (this is where SEO comes in). The first thing you should be looking at is
anchor text; stop using the same anchor text over and over again. Make sure your anchor text is varied and does not just seem like a Spam link; the anchor text should be relevant to what has been written and not just chucked in anywhere.

   Another thing to think about is where your links are coming from and then come up with a different tactic to diversify them.

   Also think about how user-friendly your website is on devices, other than computers, for example mobile phones and tablets. So many people are using these devices nowadays to browse the internet, so it would be silly not to have a user-friendly website on mobile phones and tablets.

Invest time in the appearance of the site
   The first thing a reader will look at is your site; if it doesn’t look good, then more often than not, a reader will not stay around long enough to even read your content. For example, is the font a legible font or is it very curly and difficult to read? Also think about your background colour and your font colour; make them completely different so your font stands out on the page. Also think about what colours relate best to the subject your blog is about. If you have a financial related blog, then green is a great colour and if you have a girly blog, then pink or purple would be good.

   When you are taking a look at your website to make it the best it can be, you should be looking at a number of things. If you are looking to get people to sign up to something, then will your conversion rate be higher if you have used red box or a blue box? This is something you can test yourself using the A/B Split Testing method or multivariate testing. You can find out more information about multivariate testing at

Make content engaging
   Once you have created a great looking website, you now need to make sure you are creating interesting and fresh content that your readers are going to want to read. Readers will not return to your site if they know you are not producing anything interesting or new; they can easily go somewhere else for the information they are looking for. Don’t let your readers go somewhere else!

   The better your content is, the more readers you are going to attract. Content can be shared over a variety of social networking platforms including Facebook, twitter and therefore, this will increase the amount of visitors you are attracting to your website.

    If you want to keep up with blogging this year and you actually want people to notice your website and read your content, then take these points into consideration. But note that you will not notice instant changes, so you have to be patient, but you will get the results later on.

About the Author: Sarah Williams really enjoys reading and writing about SEO, marketing and just business in general. In her spare time she enjoys reading through some of the posts on BusinessWinners.

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