Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to Download and Install 2go on PC

   I have released some posts about How to use 2go on Android Smartphone and HTC Windows Mobile Phones sometimes ago but today I will be releasing my first post about How to use 2go on PC be it a Laptop or Desktop. Many users today prefer surfing the internet on their PC instead of using Smartphones or Tablets; if you are one of them then you can still use your PC to surf the internet while you still chat with your 2go friends. It’s very simple and easy to setup, just follow the short tutorial explained below.

     Open your PC default browser (Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Maxthon or Safari – though I prefer using Mozilla Firefox), now go to http://pc.2go.im and fill in the form with the correct details of your Country, Cellphone number, and  2go password if you have already registered for a 2go account then click Login BUT if you haven’t register for an account yet, just click on the click here for the instructions on how to register option which is directly above the login form. (Please refer to the screenshot provided below)



   Now, if you are successfully signed in with the Country, Cellphone number, and 2go password details you provided earlier then you should get a Successful Login! Message like the one shown below.

   Now, click on the 2go logo to launch 2go and start using it but note that if you don’t have Java already installed on your PC, your browser will direct you to another website where you will download a Java app first. Once java is downloaded and installed, you can return to http://pc.2go.im  and follow the login process again. But, if you have Java already installed on your PC then you will get a pop up box asking you to either open or save the 2go file, choose anyone you like.

  After opening or saving the file, the Java App on your PC will now open up and launch 2go using MicroEmulator. Click on the start option in the MicroEmulator and your 2go account will login, now you can start chatting on 2go via your PC just like you used to chat with your phone. It's as simple as that, I hope you will have no problem during the process. Feel free to drop your comments by making use of the Comment Box provided below and don't forget to share this interesting post with your friends.


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