Saturday, June 22, 2013

StevenBergy wins the GinWiz Mobile Competition, Thanks to our Fans !

   In the month of April, I updated this blog with a post about Ginwiz which detailed the full information about 'How to Build and Create a Mobile version of your website'. Those that read this blog regularly read the post back then and they noticed the Ginwiz Mobile Refer-A-Friend Competition link I inserted in the post; so some participated in the competition, maybe you also participated ?
   The Ginwiz Mobile Refer-A-Friend Competition is a competition that was held in the month of April, 2013 and it is about creating a mobile version of your own website or blog and redirecting & publishing it to the Ginwiz platform then referring friends to also join in the IT development. The good news now is that I eventually ended up to be the winner of the competition scoring a total of 50points though those that ended up being second, third, fourth & fifth were also awarded. I won the Expensive Tablet for the first place. CONGRATULATIONS to myself... LoL (You can see the pictures of the Tablet, ASUS VivoTab RT below)


   Now, I am using this time and opportunity to thank you guys out there (Our Readers & Supporters) for the help, support and effort you all contributed. I also appreciate those time you stood by us and you are still standing by us. May Jehovah God bless you abundantly as we are all taking StevenBergy.Com.Ng to the next level. Kindly keep on reading and surfing this blog and we promise to never make you bore, don't forget to subscribe to our daily updates via email in order to receive those updates directly into your inbox, you can also share our news, posts and updates with others, that's another way you can help us. Thanks a lot, I'm still your loyal boy.

Ayoola Ayobami Stephen

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