Saturday, June 22, 2013

The new Facebook Add-a-Picture to your Comment Feature

   Two days ago, I noticed that there are some changes on Facebook which was not there the last time i logged into my Facebook account. Maybe you also noticed it, but incase you didn't. I will like to inform you that Facebook already added a new button next to the option to enter your comment to a post; this button is a small button that looks like a small camera which now allows Facebook users to post images within Facebook comments. Before, you can only share an image in Facebook comments by inserting a link to that image in the comment but you can now choose to directly upload an image on your hard drive or computer as a comment - isn't it great ?

    Although this feature is already being used on so many social networking websites and forums but we are still happy its on our Facebook, well not ours - its Mark Zuckerberg's. Presently, this new feature is only available on the web version of Facebook but we hope to have it on the Mobile version too as soon as possible because it makes using Facebook so much fun. Also, the web version of the Facebook Image comment only supports JPEG, PNG, BMP and some other images format for now which means that you can’t insert GIF images into comments; GIF images are animated pictures.

   The ability to add images in comments is definitely a feature most of us will enjoy using and we also hope to receive more updated features from our Social Networks - Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. What do you think about this new feature ? Lets hear from you !!!

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