Thursday, July 25, 2013

7 Reasons why you should root your Android SmartPhone

    Android Rooting is the process whereby Android Smartphones & Tablets Users are allowed to attain privileged control over their device which is known as ‘Root Access’. Rooting an Android device involves adding a small Linux application called ‘Super User’ which is mainly abbreviated as ‘SU’ and also, this ‘Super User’ allows applications and commands to run with elevated permissions.

   The main reason why most Android Users are willing to root their device is because of the fact that ‘they will become the boss over their device not their device becoming the boss over them just  like before’.  They will have the ability to do many things on their rooted device which cannot be done on unrooted devices; things like tethering on a lower Android version (e.g. Cupcake, Froyo) with a PC or a Nokia Lumia 1020 for instance, clearing the cache on core Apps, moving core Apps to SD Card and so on. (Rooting on Android is quite similar to Jail breaking on iPhone). Now, let’s consider & compare the main advantages and disadvantages of rooting Android devices.


Ability to install New Apps – Some new Applications are strictly available only for rooted Android devices and this type of Apps are always the bomb. For example, An App called ‘SetCPU’ helps control the total CPU usage on your device thereby increasing your phone battery life, another App called ‘DroidVPN’ protects your important information like Credit Card Number, Phone number & SSN from hackers while browsing on your Android Smartphone or Tablet and it will also let your blocked MTN BIS & other BIS work on your Android device.

Ability to install & edit Core Apps – Sometimes, you may not like the virtual keyboard on your Android device and feel like changing it but you will later discover that you can’t install a new virtual keyboard but if you have a rooted device, you can change the keyboard by installing virtual keyboards like Swype, Swift Key, Google Keyboard etc. (although, some newer version of Android OS now allow you to do this without root access).

Ability to install custom ROMs– At times, you may be using a smartphone and get bored with it maybe because you’ve been using it for long & you are seeing the same thing on it all day. Now you won’t get bored anymore, rooting your android phone and installing new custom ROMs like CynamogenMod or MIUI will completely change the interface of your phone. 

Fast Performance, Designed for Speed – Most Android Smartphones are fast but rooting an Android phone can even make it faster and don’t forget that no matter how fast a Smartphone is – it can never be TOO fast. Some custom ROMs are specifically designed for speed which results in faster operation between Apps, faster execution of processes, faster internet-browsing speed and so on.

Full control over your device – Be it a tablet or smartphone, rooting your device gives you full control over your device. You can decide to install new themes, edit core apps, set CPU usage, move Apps to SD, remove all unwanted pre-installed Apps, execute commands and perform some advanced tasks you can never do with any unrooted Android device.

Ability to Install Apps to SD Card – Moving installed Apps from Phone memory to SD Card is completely different from installing an Application directly to your SD card. With the help of root access and some custom ROMs, you can now install Apps directly to your SD Card since most Android Phones have limited amount of phone memory, especially older Android versions & phones.

Longer Battery Life – So many Android users today complain about their Android battery life but with the help of some battery saving Apps that work efficiently, you can make your battery last longer but you know what ? Most of this battery saving Apps requires root access so why wait till your battery drain off again before rooting your device? Well, it’s a personal decision and don’t forget to also compare the disadvantages of rooting before going ahead to root your device.

   Now, with all of these advantages we’ve mentioned so far. I will like to mention an undeniable fact which you must know – ‘If you are using your Android device with its default Android OS without rooting it then it simply means you are not using your device to the fullest and you have no freedom to use your phone the way you want.’ And also note that almost everything with advantages will also have some disadvantages. Watch out for our upcoming post on Disadvantages of rooting your Android Phone before you decide to root your phone or not.

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