Sunday, October 6, 2013 - A Link Shortener that Simplifies URL Sharing

   There are lots of Social Networks, Forums and other websites that doesn't allow you to upload texts or status messages above a chosen number of character e.g Twitter allows you to tweet only within the 140 characters limit. In a case when you want to tweet to someone and the link in your tweet is as long as this - . What will you do so that you wont use up the 140 characters limit with just the link alone ?
I'm sure you will consult some link-shortening tools like, Bitly & TinyURL if you already know they existed. Recently, there is another link-shortening tool that's worth mentioning, this tool is created by MyBloggerTricks and the name of this web tool is is on its way to being the biggest Link Cutter Service which allow users to easily Create, Customize, Password Protect and Safely share long & lengthy URLs like never before! With the widgets, Developer API and Browser extensions options, users can hide affiliate links, beautify links in a power-point presentation, forums, emails, SMS and safely share them anywhere. The service offers some extremely exciting features for Registered Users which is not available for Non-registered users and its also free. Lets take a quick tour of all the great features offers.

Features for Non-Registered Users:

Non-Registered User Interface
  • Shorten URL's.
  • Open Multiple URL's simultaneously.
  • Add Custom Alias - Create Custom URLS!
  • Links generated will auto-expire in 3 months from generation.
  • Copying and Manual sharing options to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, email, etc.. 

Features for Registered Users:

Registered User Interface
  • All features mentioned for Non-registered Users.
  • Shorten Multiple URL's in a batch.
  • Add descriptions to URLs for easier search indexing.
  • Password Protect your Links! - Click this to see » » Password: stevenbergy
  • Search generated links stored in your personal database.
  • Add a pre-set number of uses on the generated link.
  • Option to change the custom alias - Create Custom URLS!
  • Add custom expiry period to the Shortened URLs, default being 3 months.
  • Combine multiple links in a single URL to make sharing them easier.
    Well, I think is the best link-shortener at the moment for Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers and other professionals who use Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and some other Social Networks as a means to reach their audience because of the amazing features which other Link-shortening web tools don't have. Check out here -> - Simplifying URL sharing. What can you say about this useful web tool ? Please drop your comments below and kindly share this post with others.


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    1. Thanks for dropping a comment Cincin. Hope to see you around soon.

  2. Author, would like you to kindly update the info in the article, and also mention the Dirt Farmer as the creator of UCut.It. MBT is a partner in the project, but the major development has been done by the Dirt Farmer team, and hence leaving out mention of the same is odd. You can check out the about us page of the site for more info:

    1. Thanks a lot for the update Prashanth, we will surely adjust it as follows.

  3. I've never actually use this method to shorten the url. I usually use that has google or
    but after reading your article about this suitable as another option to shorten the url. Thank you for your article is quite clear and easy to understand.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad you like the link shortener, I'm sure you'd like using it. Enjoy !

  4. Another great one is You should review that. Custom alias/vanity urls.

    1. Hi Nicki, thanks for the suggestion, will look into that. Cheers !


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