Sunday, November 17, 2013

Great Devices with Android OS - Which one will you choose ? and Why ?

   Its a Sunday night but that doesn't mean we cant have something to talk about tonight or have a little fun. Tonight, we have a picture for you - its a picture that shows off the lovely design and appearance of some of the hottest and latest Smartphones, Phablets and Tablets right now. Lets not beat around the bush; taking specs, design, color, quality and maybe price into consideration. If you were to choose only ONE out of the devices in the picture below, which one will you choose and Why ? Lets hear from you and kindly invite others to also participate in the conversation. You rock !!!
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  1. I will probably choose HTC One because of its design. I just love HTC

    1. Really nice to hear that, HTC One is a nice Phone. The Camera rocks and the design is real cool too !!!


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