10 Places That Share Their Names with Popular Internet Words

   New Companies, Brands, Businesses, Products, Words and Trends makes their way into our lives through the Internet almost everyday. Sometimes, those words, trends and the likes even makes it to the Dictionary. However, before the Internet spread to the nook and cranny of the world today, there are some Internet words we are very familiar with which we use today that already had a place to call their home long ago. Simply put, If a new friend ask you - Have you ever been to Apple before ? I know you'll kinda feel like - What the heck is wrong with this guy ? He doesn't know what he is saying. Well, I suppose he knows what he's saying. Check out the list below where you'll see different places named before / after those frequently used popular internet words.

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1. Apple, Oklahoma. United States

Apple; An American company that develops, designs and sells PC, Smartphones and Gadgets...

2. Chrome, California. United States

Chrome; A freeware Web Browser developed by Google...

3. Rovio, Ticino. Switzerland

Rovio; The producer of Angry Birds, very interesting Bird & Pig game...

4. BRB Canal, Punjab. Pakistan

BRB - Be Right Back; I'll Be back in a Moment, also used in chats...

5. Lol River, Bahr al-Arab. South Sudan

LoL - Laughing Out Loud; A word used mostly in Chats to show you're laughing because something is funny...

6. Torrent, Valencia. Spain

Torrent; A computer file that contains a list of metadata of other files & folders...

7. Login, United Kingdom

Login; Used to obtain access to a website, like the one we use on Facebook, Twitter etc...

8. Link River, Klamath. Ore

Link; A URL that leads (links) to another Webpage...

9. Bing, Iran

Bing; The popular Search Engine owned by Microsoft...

10. Röfl, Austria

Rofl - Rolling on the floor; A word used mostly in Chats and Social Sites to show how funny something is...

   Very funny and interesting names, I've searched Google Maps but not yet seen any city, town or place named Facebook and Twitter. Maybe we are going to see them soon, do you know of other places anywhere in the world named after/before an Internet word ? Kindly share them with us, Let's have some fun. Cheers !!!
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