Friday, January 3, 2014

Beware of Cloned Samsung Galaxy S4 and Other Smartphones [Must Read]

   This post is to warn or notify everyone who is interested in buying a Smartphone, Tablet or other mobile devices to be very careful while doing so. Nowadays, there are so many hidden and substandard Chinese Smartphone manufacturers who needs to sell their products by all means, especially to ignorant geeks. If you are planning to buy a Chinese device, maybe because of the reduced price - that's fine, since you're aware of what you're buying. But what of those that wants to buy a Quality High-end Smartphone but end up buying a Chinese product just because of their ignorance ? That's very bad. Lets shed some light on the matter.

   Recently, a friend on Nairaland complained about his Smartphone not working properly. Deep in his mind, he is a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4 which he bought for a token of #45,000 only, not knowing that the phone is a Cloned Samsung Galaxy S4. What is a Cloned Samsung S4 ? A Cloned Samsung Galaxy S4 is an Android Smartphone which looks exactly like the original Samsung Galaxy S4 when you look at it both outside & inside but deep-deep inside, its a bloody substandard phone designed by an anonymous phone producer. 

   The Cloned Samsung Galaxy S4 looks so original that when you put it on, it displays the original Samsung boot animation and likewise when you put it off. Although a real Tech Geek will know almost immediately that the Smartphone is fake but its a pity so many others will just fall for it immediately thinking its the real deal. Well, As time goes on; the fellow had to hard-reset his phone due to some reasons and can you believe the Samsung Galaxy S4 animation disappeared immediately after the reset and the name behind the cloned S4 came up (name withheld).

   In brief, what happened in the experience shared above is that some anonymous company designed a chinese substandard phone and make the body / design very similar to Samsung Galaxy S4, this is so easy for them since the original Galaxy S4 case is also made of plastic & plastic is cheap. Then they later build a Galaxy S4 custom ROM and flashed it on the phone with Samsung's boot animation. Now, instead of selling the cloned S4 for a very cheap price since its not original, they will now sell it for a very high amount and the ignorant buyer will also buy it and still be happy because he think its a Galaxy S4.

   Be aware that there are so many other High-end Smartphones and Devices which also have its fake cloned version, so always be careful when buying any device. Its not only Samsung S4 that can be cloned. Do you want to know for sure if a phone is real or clone ? Then watch out for our upcoming post that will be explaining full details on how to differentiate between a real device and a clone. Do you also have any similar experience or contributions to share about this post ? Kindly make use of the comment box below. Have a nice weekend !!!

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