Monday, March 31, 2014

How To Receive Your AdSense Payments Directly into Your Bank Account

   Google AdSense! Google AdSense!! Google AdSense!!! I don't think there is any Blogger on this planet that doesn't know Google AdSense or have never heard of it. This is true because almost every Blogger have used it before or still using this revenue generating platform from Google. Since AdSense came into existence, the usual method being used to pay their publishers is Cheque although the Cheque payment method is divided into two, where one is more secure than the other. But recently, Google introduced a new payment method to its AdSense Publishers - "Wire Transfer" (this new payment method is not yet available for every publishers worldwide). The new payment method has been rolled out to AdSense Publishers in Nigeria too and luckily enough, I'm also one of the Google AdSense Publishers in Nigeria.

Google AdSense

   With the introduction of the Wire Transfer payment method, you no longer have to wait for days, weeks or months before your AdSense Cheque gets to you and you don't have to wait again for your Bank to process the cheque, which usually takes up to 21 days. So, I will like to tell you that I've already updated my AdSense Account with the required information that the AdSense team needs, to get my AdSense earnings deposited in my Bank Account easily. This post will guide you on How to update your AdSense Account with your Bank details, so that you will get paid directly into your Bank Account whenever you'll be receiving your next payment. Keep Reading !!!

How to Update Your AdSense Account with Your Bank Details


NOTE: You cannot use ANY Savings Account for Wire Transfer. You must have a Domiciliary Account, so if you don't have a Domiciliary Account before, you will have to open one but if you already have a Domiciliary Account, you can use it here.

==> Log in to your AdSense Account.

==> Click on 'Payment Settings'.

==> Click on the 'Add a New Form Of Payment' option.

==> Check the 'Wire Transfer' button to load the form for bank details.

==> You will be required to fill in the following -
  • Bank Account Name
  • Bank Name
  • Bank SWIFT Code *
  • Account Number (Domiciliary)
*Refer to this post for your Bank's SWIFT Code in case you don't know it --> The Full List of SWIFT Codes of ALL Banks in Nigeria

==> Now, Click on 'Save' after filling in the details.

==> Done !!! You should now be expecting your next AdSense payment via Wire Transfer.

   Maybe you also noticed some changes and improvements when you logged into your AdSense Account. It's true, there are some other improvements and updates in the new Google AdSense interface. Our upcoming post will be a very informative post listing and explaining ALL the new changes and improvements in Google AdSense. I'm sure you wont want to miss the post, so subscribe to our mailing list in order to get the post and other informative upcoming posts directly into your mailbox. 

   Before I hang up, Do you have any question about the new Google AdSense interface & it's payment method ? Do you find the new Wire Transfer payment method relieving or you still want to stick to those Cheques maybe because you'll miss the Postman ? Don't hesitate to drop a comment by using the comment box at the bottom of this post. Finally, if you appreciate this useful content, the best way to show your appreciation is by sharing it with others. Have a Nice Week Buddies !!!


  1. This is a good welcome development for bloggers in Nigeria. Adsense pay is an addition motivation to one's passion. Thanks for sharing this informative, it was really helpful.
    Nigeria Gossip News

    1. Thanks for Dropping by Bro. You have a nice Blog there but I noticed there are no AdSense Ads codes on it, why are you not using AdSense yet ???

  2. Excellent post Steven. Thanks for this info. It is really good to know that Google has finally taken notice of the volume of positive online activity emanating from Nigeria. It is a welcome development and will encourage bloggers to improve on quality. It will also make things easier and faster.

    PayPal is also coming to Nigeria soon so it's all good now for bloggers. Thanks again for this info and may God bless you and your blog.

    1. What a relieving comment from you Jamie. Thanks for dropping by, we are so happy that those big names out there, are noticing our relentless online struggles and we are also happy to have Paypal here in Nigeria finally. Our upcoming post will probably be about Paypal Nigeria. Cheers !!!

  3. Nice.Keep it up.



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