Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to watch The Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Second Round Matches Online

   The Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup is getting more and more exciting as the big teams are being fired out of the tournament. Big teams like Spain, Italy and England. As far as am concerned, I've not been able to watch every single game because of one condition or the other and it is most likely you've also missed at least a match. As the tournament is rounding off its group stage and starting the second round soon, I will be explaining in this post, how to watch the second round matches online, on your Smartphone, Tablet and even PC so that you won't miss the excitement of the knockout stage.

   If you are in the United States, I bet you'll have no problem watching the matches online because according to a survey conducted by YUME, most people in the US are expected to watch the World Cup on their smartphone or tablet devices. In the US, you can  watch all the second round matches on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone via WatchESPN and ESPN3, IF you have cable subscription.

   But what if you are not in the US or if you don’t have cable subscription and want to watch the Second round matches online ? Is there a way to watch them for free ? YES. You can download and install Sybla TV on your Android Smartphone or Tablet, the procedures and steps have been explained in this post ==> Sybla TV - Watch Live Football Matches and Movies on your Android Phone

   Also, another way is to watch BBC's (British Broadcasting Corporation) live coverage of the matches. If you prefer BBC’s coverage and want to get live streaming of the matches for free, you can watch them with the BBC iPlayer (iPlayer is the internet media streaming service for BBC) or iTV. In addition to this, all BBC content will be available on demand through BBC iPlayer if you happen to miss the live matches but note that only those with a UK IP address can access BBC iPlayer and iTV services due to GeoLocation IP blocking. The only thing you need now before you can use iPlayer or iTV to watch the knockout matches is a United Kingdom (UK) IP address.

   Luckily, getting a U.K. IP address is very easy. Well, I guess the next question on your mind is - ' How can I get a U.K IP address ? ' Watch out for our NEXT post which will be published in the next few hours. You can subscribe to our FREE mailing list so that you'll get the post delivered directly in your mailbox. Stay Tuned !!!

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