Tuesday, August 5, 2014

10 Tough Questions that Top Tech Companies like Apple, Google & Microsoft Ask in Interviews

    If you have ever found yourself writing an exam, especially examinations set by Information Technology (IT) Companies, you'll notice some of the logical and tactful questions which they use to test your reasoning and thinking abilities but those questions are still very small when compared to questions that top Technology Brands in the world ask their employees during interviews, while accessing them and trying to decide if they really need to employ such a person in their Organization. So, in this post is a list of possible questions which you might get if you are thinking of getting a job in giant Tech companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. Note that these questions are real questions which have been asked before during interviews in some of the big tech companies.

  1. If you were given a box of pencils, list 10 things you could do with them that are not their traditional use.
  2. Proof that a Tortoise can kill an Elephant by just stepping on it.
  3. How would you solve problems if you were from Mars?
  4. What's the most creative way you can break a clock?
  5. A disc is spinning on a spindle, and you don't know which way. You are given a set of pins. Describe how you would use them to determine which way the disc is spinning.
  6. You have a bag with "N" number of strings. At random, you pull out a string's end. You pull out another string end and you tie the two together. You repeat this until there are no loose ends left to pull out of the bag. What is the expected number of loops?
  7. You want to design a phone for deaf people - how do you do it?
  8. How would you design an elevator?
  9. Name as many Google Products as you can.
  10. Why should we not hire you?
  11. How do you compute the collision of two moving spheres? Give me both the mathematical equations for the solution as well as an algorithmic implementation.
  12. Name as many Microsoft products as you can.
   You can see how tough and tactical these questions are. Do you know of other tough questions that Tech companies have asked during their interviews ? If you were asked the questions listed above, how would you respond ? Kindly share your contributions with us using the comment box. Don't you think it will be nice of you to share this post with others ? Yes, you can do so by making use of the share buttons below. Cheers !!!


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