Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dubai Police gets Google Glass + their Lamborghinis - Fighting Crime with Latest Tech [VIDEO]

   The Dubai Police have been known for a while to possess the best car in the world you'd ever use to catch a thief or criminal; Lamborghini. In order to tighten their security and get hold of law breakers, another measure has been taken by Dubai's Government. You wont believe they issued a new tool that will help fight crime to the Police - Google Glass. This particular type of Google Glass has been loaded with a face-recognition program that will run through a database of wanted criminals. When a match is discovered, the officer wearing the Glass will be alerted. 

Dubai Police with Google Glass

   With the introduction of Google Glass to Dubai cops (most especially patrolling officers), drivers that commit traffic offense(s) or break law will be easily tracked down. On a normal day, Google Glass costs $1500 in the United States and it shouldn't be really more than that in Dubai anyways. Sure, it's no problem buying this wearable for every single cops and detectives in Dubai, a place where a $400,000 Lamborghini is what the police uses. I guess you're already thinking of joining the Dubai police.. LoL

Dubai Police Car - Lamborghini

   In the video attached below, Colonel Khalid Naser , General Director, Smart Services Department, Dubai Police mention the fact that the service will be launched next month with additional functions, which includes - Reporting of Accident. Let's wait and see how creative the Dubai police is, for thinking this way. Before then, watch the video below.

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