Thursday, February 26, 2015

How I Rooted the Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 without PC in just 1 minute

Earlier this week, I was faced with a huge task (according to my mindset) but later on I realized the task is not huge but very simple when I finished it successfully in just a matter of few minutes. If I never knew the best way to go about it, I'd probably waste a lot of time and energy before getting it done. There are some people out there who are probably facing or still going to face this task, so because of this, I'll be explaining how I turned a huge task into a very simple one. What is the task ? You may ask. The task is just to root a Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 (T-mobile).

I'm not just rooting the phone for fun but I was trying hard to root it because I had to do probably the most important thing you'd ever root a phone for - SIM unlock the phone. The phone was locked to the T-mobile network so I wanted to unlock the phone but before I could even proceed with the SIM unlocking, I had to root the phone first. Thank God I've eventually unlocked the phone at the moment but that's another story that will come up in one of our upcoming posts soon. 

Now, back to the rooting matter. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 which you want to root so badly, don't panic because you'll surely get it rooted with the procedures you are about to read in this post, most especially if you have the T-mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy SII, running the Android 4.0.3 OS. Note that this rooting procedure also works with so many other Android phones as well, the devices listed here have been confirmed to root easily with no hassles.

Before you move on with the procedures below, please note that you're rooting your device yourself and you'll be the one responsible if your device gets bricked. Be strong ! If you follow the steps correctly, you won't have any problem. Here you go -

=> Download and Unzip Framaroot by StevenBergy

=> Install and Open the Framaroot.apk App


=> Now, you'll see a list of exploits that is available for your phone... Choose one (I chose the Sam exploit on the Galaxy SII and it worked)


=> If you try one and it's not working, you can go ahead and try the next one.

=> Once you get a message that " Success … Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device ". Then the rooting is successful, if not, your device is still not rooted.


=> Now, restart your device. You'll see a new "Super User" App once your device reboots. The "Super User" shows that your device has been rooted. But if you're still in doubts and wanna confirm it, download the Root checker App.

Did you get your phone rooted after trying these steps on your phone ? Please kindly let us know ! All your comments and contributions are welcome through the comment box below. Show some love by sharing this quality post with others. Watch out for one of our upcoming posts which will explain how I SIM unlocked the Samsung Galaxy S2 and how you can also unlock any Samsung Galaxy S series phone yourself. Subscribing to our FREE email updates via the subscription box below will ensure you get this post and other upcoming posts directly into your mailbox.

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