Sunday, April 19, 2015

Search "Find My Phone" on Google to Locate your missing Android Phone

It's been a while now since Google has had a phone locating service in their Android Device Manager website. But Google has now implemented the functionality within its search engine itself, making it very easy to locate your phone just the usual way you would perform a search.

Find my phone

You can now simply search for ‘Find my phone’ on Google and a small window appears on the search page showing the map and your phone’s current or last known location. From there you can choose to give your phone a ring to help you find it if it’s around you. You can also choose a different device from the drop down menu at the top if you have more than one Android device. Clicking on the map will take you to the Android Device Manager website.

This is certainly convenient but unfortunately, it only works on the desktop browser now. So you can’t just grab someone else' phone and quickly search for yours if you happen to lose it but quickly getting a PC to get your beloved Phone is not hard to do either. Hopefully, Google will soon make the 'find my phone' feature work in the mobile search as well.

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