Friday, August 21, 2015

You can now Chat on Google Hangouts' Dedicated Website on PC

After few years of having the famous Google's own Instant Messenger around, Google has finally given Hangouts a dedicated website: which is now redirecting to (Doesn't matter though, It's still the same. You can access Hangouts with any of the links) This means that you'll no longer be required to open your Google+ or Gmail account if you want to access the messaging service.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you get a huge greeting message right on the uppermost part of the page and also a contact list on the left, and large buttons to make a video or a phone call as well as to send a message towards the center. The background wallpaper is randomly selected, and changes each time you visit the web page with credits to the rightful owner of the wallpaper on the lower right.

Google seems to be putting in a lot of effort into Hangouts - just a few months ago, the Mountain View, California-based company gave Hangouts for mobile a major design overhaul that brought along Material Design and since then, they've been rolling out regular App updates.

If you are not aware, Facebook also launched a dedicated website for its Messenger service back in April this year and don't forget that WhatsApp now have a Web client service, which means you can also chat on WhatsApp with your PC. It seems it's now a world of web based services, we're hoping to see more updates from other Instant Messaging services in the coming months !


  1. I'll give this a try. I hope i get some fun there

    1. Sure you will Raphael... Nice to see you around !


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