Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hotel with the Fastest Internet In the World, Located in Abu Dhabi offers 1.2Gbps to its Guests

After spending hours on the move and having a very stressful travel, you landed safely and after lodging into the hotel, you discovered their Internet connection is superbly fast. There is no doubt that you'll almost forget all the stress you've passed through before landing there and face the reality that you have a good internet to do everything you want to do, like check mails, nearby places etc. Now, tell me if there's any greater speed than what the Abu Dhabi Hotel, Jannah Burj Al Sarab is offering, a 1.2Gbps internet speed. With this figure, the hotel has the fastest internet speed in the world. This is not just a word of mouth because portal verified that.

Before, the internet speed in the Hotel used to peak at 270Mbps but a recent upgrade boosted it to 1.2Gbps. If you're not clear about that, be informed that the world’s Internet speed average is between 100 – 250 Mbps, whereas the highest measured speed in Abu Dhabi is a modes 240 Mbps, leaps ahead of Dubai’s 48 Mbps. Now, you can see how amazing the 1.2Gbps is.

If you'll be traveling to the United Arab Emirates anytime soon, you might want to check-in and also enjoy the Internet speed of Janna Burj Al Sarab. Here is the little info I have for you about the Hotel. Jannah Burj Al Sarab offers 318 luxury rooms that cater to a number of different types of customers with different needs. So, the better Internet speed is bound to serve holidaying children who want to Skype their parents or even those lazing around between business meeting and video conferences. What do you think about this hotel and the crazy internet connection it's got?

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