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The Easiest Way to Root the Infinix Hot Note X551 with Android 5.1 Lollipop

After going through the thickest and thinnest part of the internet just to ensure I root a friend's Infinix Hot Note X551 with Android 5.1 Lollipop, I eventually got the phone rooted this evening but I noticed how difficult it was for me to get it rooted. The rooting procedures of the Infinix Hot Note X551 with Android 5.1 Lollipop is not difficult but it just seems to be, only because there are no fully explanatory tutorials on how to do it, so I decided to write this awesome tutorial just for you - so don't worry, you'll get your Infinix Hot Note X551 rooted by the time you finish reading this post. Lean back, relax and pay attention!

The rooting process of the Infinix Hot Note X551 with Android 5.1 Lollipop is a bit technical unlike its other variant that comes with Android 4.4 KitKat pre-installed which can be rooted in just a minute with the KingRoot App. We are going to make use of a PC and some other things to root the Lollipop variant of the Infinix Hot Note. If you have a Infinix Hot Note with Android 4.4 as the pre-installed OS but you've upgraded to Android Lollipop then this post is also very useful for you. So, here are the things you need to get started.

Things you need to get started.

=> A Personal Computer (PC)
=> USB Cable
=> microSD Card
=> Your Infinix Hot Note X551 with Android Lollipop
=> Philz Touch Recovery for Hot Note X551 (a.k.a "recovery" in this tutorial)
=> Super User SU (with the file name "UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46")

They are just 7 in number and the download link to the underlined ones have been included above while the italicized ones are the Hardwares you'll use during the process.

Before you start rooting, note that the rooting method explained within is working correctly and has been tested by me before publishing this post, so you are responsible for the result(s) such as bricking, device damage etc that your actions and inactions where necessary might cause.

The Rooting Procedures

1. I assume you have downloaded the required files listed above, which includes SP Flash Tool, Philz Touch Recovery and Super User. Now, you have to do 3 things at this stage -
(i)... Extract/unzip the recovery file into a folder on your PC as seen in the screenshot below.

(ii).. Copy the Super User (SU) with file name UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46 into your microSD Card.
(iii). Now, insert the microSD Card into your Phone and ensure your phone is turned off.

2. Extract the SP Flash Tool v5.1532 you downloaded earlier and launch the Flash Tool Application.

3. Click on the Scatter-loading option then navigate to the folder where you extracted the recovery file in step 1(i). Then choose the MT_6592 Android_Scatter_File to have what is displayed in the screenshot below.

Note: the only checked option in the screenshot is RECOVERY and the mode is in Download only. Yours too should also look like that then you can move to the next step.

4. Now, click on the 'Download' option (as shown in the screenshot) and plug in your Infinix Hot Note X551 to the PC right away through USB. The PC should detect your Infinix Hot Note and start downloading, the download should be completed in few seconds and you should get a 'Download OK' notification as shown below.

If your Phone wasn't detected and nothing happened, get it fixed easily by doing what we have in step 5 but if you get 'Download OK' as shown in the image above, jump right away to step 6.

5. If your phone wasn't detected and nothing happened, that means the MTK USB Driver has not been installed on your system properly. I use Windows 10 on my PC and this error is common on Windows 10 PC, if you're running any other version of Windows, you shouldn't get this error. Here is the tutorial on how to install the MTK USB Drivers properly on Windows 10. When you are through doing what is instructed in this tutorial. Repeat Step 4 and jump to step 6.

6. Unplug your Infinix Hot Note X551 from the PC then hold the volume up and power button at the same time until you see the Philz Touch Recovery screen.

7. Navigate to 'Install Zip' > 'Choose zip from /sdcard or /storage/sdcard1' depending on where exactly you copied the Super User on the SD Card in step 1(ii). Now choose the '' file and click on YES.

8. Wait until the process finishes (this should take only a minute or not up to). Choose the 'reboot now' option to reboot your Phone.

9. Now, your Infinix Hot Note X551 with Android Lollipop has been rooted. You can download the Root Checker Application from Playstore to verify your root status. You'll see that your Infinix Hot Note X551 has been rooted.

10. Seriously, you deserve a bottle of drink for being able to root this Phone yourself. Please get yourself a chill bottle of Coca-Cola or your favourite drink. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities on your Android.

I'm so glad you followed us closely and you are able to see the end of this informative tutorial, do you have any issue(s) during the rooting process? Or you have a question to ask? Kindly use the comment box just a bit further below and don't forget to share this amazing tutorial with others. Have a SWEET 2016!


  1. I was actually search for this too and i got it here..Nice steps...thanks for sharing... check out my blog ChidiTech

    1. Hi Chidy, Glad you found it helpful. You have a nice Blog there and hope to see you some other time. Cheers!!!

  2. Hello Steve. Happy new year. Pls help!!! Can iPhone be rooted? It's too expensive to maintain without free to Air.

    Pls treat as urgent. Thanks.

    1. Hi ChyadaJesus, Thanks for dropping a comment. I do appreciate you dropping by but seriously your comment made me laugh. iPhones are not running on Android OS, hence, cannot be rooted. Although, they can be jailbreaked. So, you have to look for a cheaper data plan to use on it. I'm sorry !

  3. Hi,classic chide pls help me out, I hv already rooted my phone but with my global line, and it is working well. My question is' I want to use the same phone for aired but subscription,am I going to root it again or will it work with the first rooting

    1. Hi, once you've rooted your phone once, that's all... There's nothing like rooting it again. JUST try browsing with the Airtel sub on it like that, if it doesn't work then you should change the IMEI to that of BB10.

  4. Akilapa babatundeMay 22, 2016 9:50 AM

    Pls I hope u will have solutions to a problem with my infinix x551(hot note). I did an update and after my phone is not showing when connected to my laptop. The most painful is that the flash charge is not working anymore. It takes up to a whole day for me to have full charged, against the 1hr full charge when the flash charge was working. Pls I need help cos I want to root the phone back.

  5. i can't load the recovery file

  6. Hi I would love to root my infinix hot note buh after rooting will my files(musics, games,videos etc) still be intact

  7. Hi pls if I root my phone will my files(musics, videos etc) still be intact??am not using memory card


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