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Dear Advertiser,

Welcome to our Adverts request page. We're glad you've decided to place your Ads on our Blog in front of our valuable, loyal and targeted readers but if you are yet to decide on placing Ads on SBCN, we are sure the information on this page will show you what you'd be missing if not, and it will also help you to decide rightly.

Here on StevenBergy.Com.Ng, we are always zealous and keen to work with new advertisers, promotion companies, brands and even entrepreneurs to help land their product(s), business(es), start-up(s) etc in front of our huge, loyal and targeted audience without depreciating its profound value. We've provided our up-to-date statistics below, kindly check it before advertising with us -

Alexa Traffic Rank – 292,000 (Worldwide) and 1400 (Nigeria)

Google PageRank – 1
Twitter followers – over 3,000
Facebook fans – over 10,000
Google+ followers - over 4000

NOTE: ALL the advertisement types listed below will be displayed on EVERY page on our Blog, including Homepage and Post Pages.

Now that you've seen our Stats above, we'd like to tell you that we offer majorly 2 types of advertisement:

1. Banner Advertisement: This is the type of Ad you've been looking for, where you'll have the pictures of your products + few texts combined together to form an attractive image then it will be displayed on our Blog. We have different types of banner adverts, which includes - 

**728 x 90 (Main Ad)**       **470 x 70 (Header)**      **160 x 600 (Sidebar Ad)**

--> 728 x 90: This Ad will be displayed on ALL the pages on our Blog and it will be positioned on the upper part of the website, below the navigation bar, where it is highly visible to our readers. It is the largest and this makes it the most visible.

--> 470 x 70: This Ad will be displayed on ALL the pages on our Blog and it will be positioned in the header, which is the uppermost part of the website. It is highly visible to our readers because it is placed in the header, beside our logo, under the search bar.

--> 160 x 600: There are so many widgets on the sidebar which draw the attention of our readers, so, placing this Ad on the uppermost part of the right or left sidebar is highly effective since almost every reader and visitors on our blog make use of the sidebar widgets.

2. Sponsored Post & Text Advertising: In this type of Advertisement, a post written by you (or by us) will be published on our Blog with your own website or Blog URL included in it. This post might be a post about your product which you think our readers might be interested in or something else that relates to what we blog about (Technology, How to, Smartphones, Gadgets, Tech News, etc), just contact us, we'll get you covered. Oh, we almost forgot - but don't forget, that sponsored post gives your product, business or brand a permanent link on our blog. Also, you can advertise your link(s) in any of our existing posts or place your text ad on the header section or sidebar of our Blog. 

NOTE: If you opt in for a sponsored post, apart from being published and covered on our Blog, you'll also be publicized for FREE on our Social Media platforms and you know what that means. **winks**

We are really considerate and thoughtful here [I guess you know that before], that is why we decided to make our Ads affordable and ache-free for everyone, so you can pay on monthly, weekly and even daily basis, depending on your Ad type.

Advertisements Pricing and Payment Details

Now that you are finally ready to get your Ads running on our Blog, you will probably need the Ads pricing and rates to get started. To see the full price details of our various Ad types, kindly download our Adverts Guide and Pricing -> Ad Rates on StevenBergy.Com.Ng

Proceed to our Payment Page here -> Account Information and Payment Details to make your payments. Kindly send us an email at or call us on +2348167240799 to confirm your payment and get your Ads rolled out immediately.