Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Format a USB Flash Drive or SD Card in just 5 Minutes

   One of the greatest advantages of formatting your USB flash drive in MS-DOS (Mac) or FAT32 (Windows) is that you can access the stored data on every Windows OS installed machine regardless of the operating system working on it. Formatting to Ext 2/3 allows you to access the data only on Linux which is not generally useful.

Here is how to format a flash drive. Instructions for Windows Operating System( OS)

   Start your computer or PC and plug in the flash drive in the USB port. Click on "My Computer." Click on "Manage" in the " Explorer" window of "My Computer." Open the "Device Manager" and locate your USB flash Drive installed under the "Disk Drives" tab.

   Right click on "Removable Disk Drive" and click on "Properties" from the menu. Click on the "Policies" tab and choose "Optimize for Performance" from the options. Click "OK" and continue.

   Click on "My Computer" and choose the format on the flash drive. Choose "NTFS" or "FAT32 " depending on the type you want from the dropdown list menu box.You can now decide to choose from Quick format or Normal format. Click "OK" to complete the format.Then you will see 'format complete',then your USB flash Drive is now formatted.

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