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How to Browse on your PC with 3GB for #100 on MTN using Simple Server

UPDATE: After so many tests and experiments, I've seen and concluded that this MTN + SIMPLE SERVER browsing is UNLIMITED and it doesn't have the 3GB limit as stated in this post. ENJOY !!!

Even though our Network providers in Nigeria are trying as much as possible to reduce the price of  subscription plans for Android Phones, iPhones and PC recently. Still, it's quite expensive and there is no doubt that the most affordable internet connection in Nigeria today is only available for Blackberry users. Well, don't panic if you're a PC user. Today, we've decided to share with you a data subscription that is almost FREE, yeah it's not completely free but the data limit you'll get for the price you pay is so damn huge that you'd even forget about the price. Using the MTN Blackberry subscription plan, you'll be able to browse on your PC for 24 hours with a data cap of 3GB just for #100 only. Wow, it seems impossible. Right ? You're wrong, it's very very possible because that's what I'm using right now. This is how you'll go about it.

Before you go ahead and follow the procedures below, please note that you'll make use of a Server before you'll be able to browse on your PC, the server is Simple Server and the download link has been inserted in the first step below. Here you go -

1. Download the MTN Blackberry Simple Server file here - Simple Server and extract it on your PC.

2. Get your MTN SIM and recharge with #100 for a day, #500 for a week or #1000 for a month, depending on which one suits you most. Note that the data limit for all the plans is 3GB.

3. Subscribe to your preferred Blackberry plan via SMS. For the daily plan, send "BBCDAY" to "21600". For the weekly plan, send "BBCWEEK" to "21600" and for a month, send "BBC" to "21600" without the quotes. You should get some messages that will confirm your subscription to the Blackberry plan immediately after sending the SMS.

4. Normally, while using Blackberry plan to browse, the default APN is but this time around, we're not using that, instead we're using the normal MTN Nigeria APN which is Find a way to edit your Access Point if it's not already set to it.

5. Now, there are basically two ways to connect the data to your PC. 
(i) Either you insert the SIM in a Modem and connect it on your PC or
(ii) You put it in your Android phone (or any phone that has WiFi Hotspot/ tethering) and share the connection to your PC via tethering.

6. Whichever one you've chosen in step 4 above is okay. Just make sure the data is now connected on the PC. Now, open the Simple server Application in the folder you downloaded and extracted in the 1st step. (See screenshots below).

Simple Server MTN BB

Simple Server

7. You're now connected to the internet but just few more steps to start surfing and downloading. Which browser do you like using ? Mozilla Firefox ? Google Chrome ? Opera ? and what have we. Open your browser and Navigate to its network settings.

8. For Mozilla Firefox, click on Options then Advanced and then Network -> Settings. Choose the Manual proxy configuration and fill the HTTP Proxy box with and Port with 8080. Tick the 'use this proxy server for all protocol box' immediately below it and click OK to save all the changes.

Mozilla Firefox Settings

9. For Google Chrome, click on Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Change proxy settings -> LAN settings -> click use a proxy for your LAN then fill the address and port with and 8080 respectively. Click OK in order to save the changes.

Google Chrome Settings

10. You can now surf the internet anyhow you like. Just open in your browser to test the connection speed. For other browsers, find your way to the network settings and input and 8080 in the Proxy Address and Port respectively.

Glad you are now enjoying the fast and affordable internet subscription plan. Don't forget that you can make some money from this by helping people who need good, cheap and pocket friendly data plan in your school, workplace etc. Also, it'd be generous of you to share this informative and interesting post with your family and friends using the share buttons on this page. Do you have any question or contribution to this post ? Kindly make use of the comment box at the bottom. One of our upcoming posts will explain how to use this plan to download small & heavy files in no time using Internet Download Manager, subscribe to our FREE email updates through the subscription box below so that you won't miss this post and other upcoming informative tech posts. Peace !

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  1. Thanks for the information, but it since you can use this to access your yahoo mail,forums,facebook account.

    basically i can't access any website that i need to enter a user name and password, but i observed that i can signup to different site like forum,social networking sites etc.

    have you observed this, and how can this be fixed

    thank you

    1. Ooh sorry about that but it's working perfectly on my end here. It's working with all websites including those that needs username and password. Try following the procedures again and check if there is somewhere you've made mistake. Hope this helps !

  2. Thanks for helping US out on this. Just wanna know if its still working b4 I proceed. Is it still working?

    1. Hi Collins,

      It is still working very well. You can go ahead with it and start enjoying it ASAP.

  3. Replies
    1. Welcome Simon, It's working smoothly. Enjoy it while it lasts !

  4. hi bro

    i really do enjoy you articles and trends in the IT world. Please is it still working seemlessly. i followed all the instructions but i noticed mine only downloads about 200mb and afterwards i will not be able to browse the internet.
    any update on how i can enjoy upto 3gb at that amount?

    1. Hi Nochi,

      Thanks for the nice comment. Yes, to get more than 3GB..Send 'BBLITED' without quotes to 21600, it's just #70 unlike this one that is #100 naira and follow the procedures as stated here exactly. I'll try to release a post on it ASAP.

  5. I really enjoyed these stuffs big time and i just hope it won't be blocked soon. i browse like crazy with these. Thanks bro nice information. Healthcare and Fitness Blog

    1. Hi Dayo,

      Welcome, thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoyed reading this and using it, i also hope the same. Cheers!

  6. how do i download the simple server?

  7. do i need a black berry phone before i can subscribe or i can use any phone?


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