Monday, March 21, 2011

The MTN and Opera Mini Free Browsing Settings

   Most Nigerians have the desire to browse for free on their mobile phones, but as they keep using different tricks to browse FREE on their phone, the internet providers get their tricks and block them.

   But here is the latest mtn free browsing code that works with Opera mini,Bolt e.t.c provided that the opera mini have the ability to input operator trick.Operamini 5.1 is highly recommended but other operamini and bolt browser can also be used.

Fill in the following to the Opera mini or Bolt field server -

Custom HTTP Server:
Custom socket Server:        leave it blank
front query:                       leave it blank
middle query:                     leave it blank
back query:                        leave it blank

   In conjunction with the manual settings listed above, use normal mtn settings with it, you can get the settings by sending 'SETTINGS' to '3888'. Then start enjoying unlimited FREE browsing.

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