Thursday, April 21, 2011

Download Antivirus on your Symbian Phone, Its Important !!!

  Today, many of us have already checked one or two things on the internet with our mobile seems you are one of us. Apart from surfing the internet on your phone and other mobile devices,you also receive,send and install files through bluetooth or IrDA.These activities can damage your phone or device either temporarily or permanently if care is not taken...That why you must have a reliable working Anti-virus.
  Anti-virus protects your mobile phone from dangerous malwares,spywares and viruses attack,with the help of the recommended Netqin anti-virus,all spam and spywares will be stopped on your phone,your files will be backed up and lots lots more.

  After downloading the Anti-virus,you have to scan your phone,if any virus or malware appears then delete them either automatically or manually and always update your anti-virus regularly to keep your phone safe and secure...

 To download Netqin Anti-virus to your Symbian phone .... click here
 To download Avira Anti-virus to your Java phone .... click here

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