Friday, September 15, 2017

How to Get 100% Data Bonus on Your GLO SIM. Works on ALL GLO SIMs.

Almost all the Network Service providers in Nigeria are offering Bonuses on their Data plans at the moment. MTN is offering data bonuses with their Double data offer, Airtel is also doing the same. [A post will be out shortly on how to get double data bonuses on your MTN and Airtel lines, don't forget to subscribe to our free email updates so you wont miss the post]. On the other side, Glo is only offering 100% bonuses on their data plans to all their new customers, and only their existing customers that let their current subscription auto-renew. But there is a good news for every Glo user, be it new or existing customers.

Glo 100% Data Bonus

You can enjoy 100% data bonus when you subscribe to any Glo data plan. How? By taking the right steps, don't worry, this article has got you covered. You get this 100% data bonus every time you subscribe to any of the Glo data plans listed here.

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The procedure is very simple. Just subscribe to your preferred Glo Data plan directly from your Bank Account (Mobile App), through your Bank USSD Service, through ATMs and any authorized POS agent. After subscribing through any of the channels, you'll receive a message informing you about the 100% bonus data which you just received. (Refer to the screenshots)

To make it clear, I personally use two of the channels above to subscribe on my Glo SIM, I subscribe directly from my Bank Account using the GTBank Mobile App, I also use the GTB *737# USSD Code and I get 100% bonus data. Here are the screenshots of my subscription to the Glo #2000 for 3.75GB plan, after subscribing, I got 3.8GB and another extra 3.8GB (100% bonus) which was added together = 7.6GB.

Activation Message from GTB Mobile App
100% Bonus Message
Pre-Activation Message
Activation Message
Likewise, you can use the Mobile Application of your Bank to subscribe to any of the data plan or simply use your Bank's USSD Code if you dont have the Mobile App. Each Bank has its own USSD Code, GTBank USSD Code is *737#.

Note: Ensure you subscribe directly to any of the Data plans you prefer from any of the channels highlighted earlier. Don't make the mistake of recharging your line before subscribing, you wont be rewarded with 100% bonus if you recharge first. The data plan must be activated from any of those channels.

Do you have any issue or need help while following the procedures? Were you rewarded with 100% bonus? We'll be glad if you share your experience with us, you can use the comment box at the bottom to do that. Don't forget to share this post with others, you can use the share buttons on this page to share.
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