Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to update your Facebook Status Via any Device you like

   Many of my Facebook friends always see my status updates on Facebook and they are surprised to see that I’m updating ‘via BlackBerry’ or ‘via I-phone’ etc. not knowing that I don’t really have all of these devices. It is very simple and easy to update your status via anything you like on Facebook with the use of a website named
StatusVia”, to do this, just login to your Facebook account and type into your browser URL bar, you will see different & many devices including – 

Via BlackBerry
Via I-phone
Via T-mobile
Via Ovi Suite

   Just click on the device you will like to see during your status update and type whatever you will like to update in the box provided on the page and click on share. Then your status will be automatically updated on your Facebook wall.

  Note: This process can also be used on the phone by mobile phone users and don’t forget to share this interesting post with your friends by using the share button above & below this post, also watch out for my upcoming future post on How to send free SMS to any mobile phone number in the world ’.


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