Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to Use your GPRS or 3G Phone as a Modem to browse on PC

   Before you can use your phone as a modem to browse on the computer (PC), you must have particular software designed for your phone in order to work perfectly with the computer depending on the phone model. E.g. Nokia phones uses Nokia PC Suite and Nokia Ovi Suite.
   You can search for the software program that works with your phone model/type and download it on Google or other search engines but if you are using a Nokia GPRS, 3G or 3.75G phone, you can download Nokia PC Suite by clicking here and Nokia Ovi Suite by clicking here.

   After installing the software program designed for your phone, you can connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable that works with your phone or through Bluetooth. (Both methods will work fine). Then open the phone’s software program where you will see options to copy images and video, update phone software, install applications, connect to the internet etc. but this time you will choose the connect  to the internet option and you will fill in the details of the network you want to use to  browse on the PC, note that some phone’s software program have already made network details in which you can choose your desired network… then click on ‘connect’, now you can surf the web, check emails and so on using your phone as a modem.
   Watch out for my future post on how to use Nokia PC Suites and Nokia Ovi Suites with full details.


  1. Connecting this way (nokia pc suite) is very very expensive. There should be a cheaper way. The other day a friend was talking about connecting through Control Panel, like the way you will connect this flash modems....

  2. @Anonymous... browsing with Nokia PC Suite with your credit is expensive but if you subscribe to a data plan, the deduction rate is the same with modems.


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