How to Open and Verify a PayPal Account in Nigeria [Part 2]

Thanks for hanging around in order to see the continuation of this post, according to part 1 of this post, you have now created your PayPal account but you just need to confirm your email and verify it, now let’s get back to work:

-        To confirm your Email Address: Log in to your E-mail account and open the message from PayPal, click on ‘confirm your email’, it will request for your password then put it and get your email confirmed.

-          To Verify your PayPal Account: Log in to your PayPal account and click on the ‘confirm my credit or debit card link’ in order to add the Visa Virtual Card you bought in part 1 so that your account will be verified. Fill the form with the details of the card sent to your email.    
         Card Type: Choose Visa                                                                                                              
         Card Number: Add the card number sent to your email                                                            
         Card Verification Number: Add the CVV2 number                                                                                           
       Tick the ‘use this address as billing address’ in order to use the same address you used in filling the form as your billing address. Click on “Add Card “and your card will be added to the account but you have to provide a 4 digits number, so go to , at the top of the website you will see Expuse Number, Type your card number & email and click on ‘ Send Request’ … after an hour or so, the number will be delivered in your email account. Then you will see XXXX PayPal (the 4 digits number represent the number you are looking for).

Now Sign in to your PayPal account and you will see a link to supply your 4 digits number, click on it and input the 4 digits number you saw earlier. Your account will be verified immediately you add it and you might just feel like just buying me a drink with your new verified PayPal Account, my PayPal email is

Note that you have to make use of a good proxy address when registering your PayPal account from the beginning to the end and don’t forget to share this interesting & useful post with your friends and drop your comments because We love comments.
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Author: Ayoola Stephen

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  1. Beautiful post, so excited about it. But i only have one question, considering that the virtual card expires after 24hrs, then how do we fund and receive fund with this verified paypal account? your response will make things very helpful and yes indeed i already feel like getting you a drink already. cheers!!! keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Kenneth,

      It's really nice to see a well-composed comment from you. Thanks for dropping by, really appreciate that. There is no problem in receiving funds with the Paypal account because the funds enter the account directly and you can easily fund the account through e-money exchangers. Hope this helps!

  2. Thank you for this great post on How to Open and Verify a PayPal Account in Nigeria using liberty reserve account and My question is, after you start receiving money with the PayPal account, can the money be withdrawn using Payoneer card. Or how do one withdraw earning. I eagerly anticipate your reply. Thanks.

    1. Hi Chidi,

      Nice question you've dropped there. Yes, you can withdraw with Payoneer and here is how to do that.

  3. Incredible. Words fail me to describe how excellent this information is to me and many others.Keep up the great work Ayo. Many I know charge money to release this information you have given for free.I'll email you discuss with you one on one...

    1. Hi Wale,

      Thanks a lot for the encouraging words. Glad you appreciate it. I'll be expecting your mails. Cheers !!!

  4. Liberty Reserve web page seem to have been seized by the US govt. Can you verify this.

    1. Yes, that's true and it has been seized long ago. You can look for other available payment methods at the footer of the website.

    2. hi Ayo, can you pls share the current new way to own a verified PAYpal account here in Nig.

    3. I will post that as soon as I have a very sure method. Thanks


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