How to Open and Verify a PayPal Account in Nigeria [Part 1]

PayPal is a well-known online money merchant and it is available in over 190 countries in Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Australia etc. but PayPal is not available in some countries like Nigeria, Zimbabwe etc. To open PayPal account in these banned countries is possible but will take a quite long process.

Since PayPal banned Nigeria from opening account with them, it has been so difficult for Nigerians to Sell and Buy online but in this post you will see the easier and faster way to open a PayPal Account in Nigeria.
Steps to open PayPal Account in Nigeria

-         Get an e-mail account at or you can use the one you are using before (you can use any email account but I prefer and use Gmail).

-         Get a liberty reserve account at , it is available in every countries and it is free & easy to open. You have to load your Liberty Reserve account with at least $12LR.

-         Go to , click on the PayPal verification card and choose Non-European card  in the options then type in the amount you want to buy and input your email address (where the card details will be delivered),click the Liberty Reserve payment link and the sum of $11 will be deducted from your Liberty Reserve account.

-         After an hour, the details of the card should be delivered in the email account you provided during the purchase of the card and you must use the card within 24hours before it expires.

-         You need to use an address during the registration so go to and type ‘ China Yellow Page’, then click on one of the links and type a supermarket store  so that the valid addresses of supermarkets in china will be shown, then make sure you’ve already noted  one of the addresses because you will need it in your Paypal registration.

-         Now, visit and type in the box provided. After getting to Paypal, click on sign up and choose ‘Premium Account’ using China as your Country and you will also make use of the address of the supermarket store you noted earlier, after filling the signup form with necessary details then click on Signup.

Now you have finally created your PayPal Account but you can’t use it now because you still have to confirm your e-mail and verify your account, my next post will be the continuation of this post so hang around in order to see the complete upcoming post on How to Open and Verify a PayPal Account in Nigeria Part 2.
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Author: Ayoola Stephen

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  1. hello Mr stephen ...i love your post, wanted to know if it was still valid and i tried the shield my ip site, gave me the 404 error thing

    1. Yes, it's still valid just that you are not gonna use Liberty Reserve to pay as explained here, you'll use another payment method on the virtual cc website since Liberty Reserve no longer exists. You can use instead of the shield my ip then.

  2. Wow... I love this. I will like to ask for another proxy except hide cos I may not be able to afford the price there. Also, what is the implication of using a Chinese PayPal account considering that the email used are not Chinese and also the text on system is not in Chinese, wouldn't PayPal find out? Expecting your good reply

  3. If I cannot open up an account on my own, do you think it is a good idea to buy a verified PayPal account from Auction Essistance?

    1. Hi Ramiro,

      I don't know who you are trying to buy a Paypal account from so I can't vouch for the person but what I know is that some online marketers used to sell Paypal account. Be careful though!

  4. Hi Stephen, Am Lawson... can i still open payal with this method you have stated here

    thank you

    1. Yes but there are newer methods to open a Paypal account which will ensure the safety and security of the account, most especially when it comes to getting blocked or limited by Paypal.

  5. hi Stephen, I open a PayPal acct using, the aging now is how to verify it cos I only av a verve card

    1. You need a MasterCard or VISA card for a sure verification. I use GTB Naira MasterCard and it is linked to my Bank Account so you can get that as well if you want to verify your PayPal account easily.


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