Friday, February 1, 2013

Android – The World's Most Popular Mobile Operating System

   I have used a lot of mobile platform operating system ranging from Java, Symbian, Windows mobile and Blackberry to Android but the difference is very clear . Android is the best mobile operating system I’ve ever used, is it the user-friendly application? Or the eye stunning graphics? Or the probability that any new application will always be available for Android devices?
   Presently, Android is the world’s most popular mobile platform according to Google, you can use all the available Google Applications like Google Earth, Google Sky Map, Google Latitude etc. on your android device with more than 650,000 apps and games available on Google Play to keep you entertained, alongside millions of books and lots of movies. There are also some other features that makes Android hot & super like fast internet access, voice-guided GPS navigation, Google play store and Google drive.

   Millions of peoples are already using Android because it makes your mobile devices much more powerful & useful and you can also create unique android applications that’s right for you.

   Android is available on some of the best mobile devices manufacturer in the world like Samsung, Motorola, Sony and my best mobile device manufacturer – hTC. There are different versions of Android which are –

Android 1.5 – Cupcake
Android 1.6 – Donut
Android 2.1 – Éclair
Android 2.2 – Froyo
Android 2.3 – Gingerbread
Android 3.0 – Honeycomb
Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich
Android 4.2 – Jellybean

   If you are thinking of getting any Android device then think of anyone among those listed above. Thanks for reading this interesting post, Do you have any question, suggestion or contribution ? then feel free to drop your comments in the comment box provided below, also let us know your opinion about the Android Operating System and subscribe to get our future updates on Android.


  1. Please i need help. I just rooted my Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos and I've installed link2SD to move apps to my SD cards. But i still the problem of insufficient space on my internal memory. I learnt that i have to partition my SD card then install a2sd & swapper to be able to increase the size of my internal memory.
    Please i just help on the step by step process i will take increase the size of my internal memory(in plain language, please). I don't even know how to do the partitioning. I will appreciate an urgent help from you guys. Thank you.

    1. You cant increase the internal memory of your Android phone, the only thing you can do is remove some unnecessary apps on it so that you will have more space for your own preferred apps... Try to download Apps2SD and use it to move the apps to your SD card but note that you cant move all apps to SD because some apps can only work when installed on the phone.


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