Monday, February 11, 2013

Best Online Photo Editing Tools to make Your Pictures Lovely

      This is a Guest Post by Charles Malcolm

   These days, You can now become a photo editor with so many online editing tools at your hand. Gone are the days when you are bound to stare at your same old photo. Only a few clicks will make your photo interesting to the web world. Edit your photo and publish it in the social networking media.
Your viewers will get to see something different from the ordinary profile pictures. Create spoof image, glamorize your image, add personality speck and lots more.
   But,  have it in mind that to have a wonderful picture, it is not always necessary to opt for the most expensive editing software. you can even make your photo spicy without having the technical knowledge!!!

   Listed below are the  best online photo editing tools that can give your photos the best touch you could ever imagine -

PhotoFunia - This app offers you templates having fun-filled and exciting images. As you upload your photo, you have to wait for sometime and you will find a magical spell cast on your photo. How does this all happen? As soon as you upload a picture in this app, it is automatically recognized by the technology and some cool effects are added to your picture. So, your task is to upload one photo…that’s it!   

Photo505 - New and fresh photo effects every day just for you with face detection technology! From varied photo templates you have to select one in this tool. Why not make your photo attractive by choosing from the selection? You will find it real exciting.

Fake Magazine Cover - As you can understand from the name itself, this photo editing tool can print your photo on a magazine cover. Which cover do you want? – There are as many as 850 magazine covers. Now, your viewers and friends can see your photo on the cover page of some popular magazines which you never even appeared on in real life... LoL 

MagMyPic - With this photo editing tool, you can place your own picture in the Comics and Magazines much like the previous tool. Here you will get 50 covers to superimpose your picture. Every week one magazine is released which gives you endless formats to design suiting different occasions like reunions, birthdays, festive gatherings, greetings card and the like. This can be an innovative invitation card for your friends. Try it!

Write On It - This is another way of making a magazine cover, photo-montage, free cards, funny jokes, and so on. You can create a card giving your own creativity with hilarious photos and phrases. This editing tool gives you the golden chance to make your picture the front page of the magazine.

  Make your photos appealing and enticing to others! Use these photo editing tools for your best usage! Check them out right now… Subscribe to get other Photo Editing Future updates and don't forget to share this interesting post with your friends. Hope this helps !!!

Author’s Bio: Charles Malcolm is a photographer who knows how to use a number of software programs for photo editing. He takes resort to online PCsoftware support for perfectly editing his photos.


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  2. Hi, I want to tell you if a site for review in vs. Blog. It's called Pic-Mania:

    It is a free web based service that requires no registration. A convenient and intuitive interface allows you to operate the online editing of digital photos uploaded to the server. The user interface is in English, but very intuitive and effective. The tools for editing images are many, as are the effects thereon.


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