Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tablets Guide - Important & Helpful tips before buying a Tablet

   Cut your coat according to your cloth is a proverb you should always remember whenever you are buying any device including Tablets – but not Paracetamol or Panadol this time around... LoL

   If you don’t have a lot of money, you can still buy a tablet that will serve your purpose even if it’s not 100% satisfactory but if you have a reasonable amount of money there are some things to consider before you should buy a tablet
so that you won’t buy a tablet that will only have 1/3 of the features a smart tablet should have; highlighted below are the most important features a  tablet should have.
  • ·         Large Capacitive screen- At least, a tablet should feature a 7” capacitive display screen before it can be classified as a super tablet. You can also consider buying any tablet between 8” – 10” but the 10.1” tablet is quite okay for me.
  • ·         Processor speed- At least, a 1.2GHz CPU will work fine and multitask without slowing down or giving you headache.
  • ·         Random Access Memory (RAM) - 1GB RAM is good enough to help you get the most out of a tablet but I will advise you not to buy a tablet with less than 512MB RAM.
  • ·         Internal Storage- This is different varying from some manufacturers to another but 8GB of internal storage with an external storage capacity of 32GB will be okay even for a businessman or a game addict.
  • ·         Battery Lifespan- The battery life should be at least 5hours of video playing and 16hours of standby.
  • ·         Other featuresBLUETOOTH - YES

-          Wi-Fi - YES
-          GPS - YES
-      Operating System - Android 3.0 or higher(I will recommend an Android tablet ahead of any other OS Tablet because of many reasons, watch out for my upcoming post on that)
-          Primary CAMERA – 5MP at least
-          Secondary CAMERA - YES
-          3G - YES

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  1. Na true talk bro... Nice article...useful indeed

  2. Thanks bro, I'll take this into consideration from now on.

  3. Stevenbergy,
    I use Samsung galaxy tab 1 gingerbread P1000.

    1.On the battery settings,i saw an icon that says BATTERY DISCHARGING.Is this normal?

    2..when fully charged the tab could only last for 4-5hrs of browsing and 7-8hrs on this normal too?

    3.what application can i install,that will make my battery last longer. it possible for me to replace the battery and how much does it cost?

    5.what's your general advice on rooted phones and whats is the meaning of rooted.
    Your loyal fan.

    1. Hi Tunday, Thanks so much for your support.. I think your Tab's battery is having some prob but according to what i know, when a SG Tab 1 is fully charged it normally last for that 4-6hrs of browsing and 8-10hrs on standby which your Tab is already using. I'm going to release a post soon about Android Battery saving and Rooting but for now you can download Du Battery Saver from Playstore which will help you stop some unnecessary process on your Tab thereby extending its battery life.

  4. Ayo,Thanks for the reply.i will be on the look out for your post.

  5. thank you for information...


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