Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A new Smartphone is just around the Corner; It's InnJoo A PLUS!

It's been a while since InnJoo made the headlines in the Mobile Smartphones World, especially when it comes to releasing new devices and it seems like the competition in the Mobile phone industry in Nigeria is just presently tight between Infinix and Tecno but InnJoo is definitely preparing something very sweet and new for all their fans - It's a new Smartphone!

Actually, we don't really know much about the Smartphone yet but these are just the few facts we already know so far - 

1. InnJoo is planning to announce and most likely at the same time, release a new Smartphone between 30th of May and 3rd of June, 2016.

2. The new Smartphone will be called A Plus, yeah, InnJoo A Plus!

3. The Smartphone is going to have a big screen, most likely a 5.5" inches display.

4. The Smartphone is most likely going to have a Dual SIM capability because of the previous devices InnJoo has released, being double SIMers.

5. An excellent, mouth-watering Specifications & features and a very affordable price-tag is what the A+ seems to bring with it.

All what we've listed above is what we extracted from the new teaser video which InnJoo released, you can see the video yourself just right below - 

Now, the question running through our mind is - how big and nice will the Specifications of the A Plus be? Are we looking at a Fingerprint scanner device in the teaser video above? Is a 3GB RAM and an Android 6.0 device around the corner? Is the device coming with 4G LTE or still the old WCDMA? Let's just wait till the 30th of May for more information. Stay tuned to this blog for further updates about the InnJoo Smartphone. Cheers!!!

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