Friday, June 28, 2013

Want to Unlock USB Modems and Phones Yourself ? Download DC Unlocker Now !

Unlocking and Flashing of USB Modems, Phones, Data cards and some other mobile devices is very important for everyone who knows much or even little about Mobile Tech devices because this knowledge will definitely come handy someday, when such a person will have to unlock a phone that is shipped from another country or unlock a USB modem so that it uses any SIM Card, or even unlock another device so that it will work in a restricted area.These are the instances where a useful, powerful and yet efficient unlocking software or unlocking tool is needed to make things work out. With DC Unlocker, you don’t have to take your phone or modem to an engineer to unlock or flash it for you anymore; so far the phone or modem in question is fully supported by DC Unlocker.

DC Unlocker

DC Unlocker is the most recommended tool I will ever advice someone to use for unlocking and flashing because of its simplicity and excellent performance. DC unlocker can be used to unlock and flash many devices from different manufacturers like Huawei, ZTE, Novatel, Maxon, Micromax and Longcheer, just to mention a few. DC Unlocker has the option to select a Device Model after already choosing Device Manufacturer thereby allowing it to detect the phone or modem easily.

While unlocking a phone or modem, check its Manufacturer’s Name e.g. ZTE then check its model e.g. MF 190 and fill in the details in the Software’s interface accordingly. For step by step details on How to unlock a USB Modem successfully, you can refer to my previous post here –>How to unlock ZTE MF 190 USB Modems with DC unlocker’. It will surely help and guide you.

Now,you can download DC Unlocker to your PC. After downloading it, you can test its unlocking ability by using a USB Modem or phone if you have the chance to, and don't forget to drop your experience and questions here by making use of the comment box below.What do you think about DC Unlocker ? Is there any better unlocking tool or software you know ? Let's hear from you.


  1. A nice post, job weldone. Plz needz more info on how to use it effectively. And how to use it to flash nd unlock phones like bb, iphone etc.

  2. Pls can u help me with ZTE mf730m. urgent pls


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