Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Download Skype – Enjoy Unlimited Video and Voice Calling !!!

   Many Internet, Smartphones and PC users today are aware that they can use their devices to make free calls by making use of some VOIP calling applications, but which application is really the best to serve this purpose? There are lots of Video and Voice calling Applications like Nonoh, Talkonaut, Nimbuzz, Viber etc. but the only one I will surely recommend for anyone is Skype.

   Skype is a video and voice calling application which can be used free of charge within Skype – Skype users; this application makes it very easy to connect with family and friends without paying extra charges thereby making it very affordable to use though you have to buy what is called Skype Credit before you can use Skype to call other phone numbers which are not available on the Skype network.

   Another thing to note is the fact that Skype is the most popular calling App thereby it allows you to connect with a lot of other Skype users from different parts of the world. Skype voice calling is available on Android, iOS, WindowsPhone and BlackBerry Operating System (OS) for Mobile Phones and it is also available on Windows, Linux & Mac OS for PC, all you just have to do before using Skype voice call is that you must have a good working Microphone and Speaker while Skype video call requires a Webcam or Secondary Camera (Smartphones), Microphone and Speaker (which are already built-in in most new Laptop and Tablet PC).

   Skype is not only a calling app, it can also be used to chat i.e. Instant Messaging just like other IM App like Yahoo Messenger and it allows users to link their Facebook account with their Skype account so that they can easily chat and talk with their Facebook friends without facing problems of adding them one after the other on Skype. But, the most important thing to note about Skype is the fact that it streams and uses a lot of Data which remains the main factor why some don’t use it so make sure you are using an unlimited data plan with your Skype so that you won’t exhaust your limited data plan in just few days while using Skype.

   To sign up for Skype, visit the Skype Join Us link - and when you are through with signing up, you can download Skype on your PC, Smartphone or Tablet at the Skype website. In case you have any problem with Skype, Feel free to drop your comments and contributions here by making use of the comment box provided below. Ooh!!! Before I drop my pen & stop typing, don't forget to add me up on Skype, i will like to chat or talk with you; my username is - Aywhy93.  

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  1. Skype is such a brilliant app, I have been using it since my secondary school days. Thanks for making this awesome post about it


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