Monday, June 17, 2013

How to Download CPU-Z for Android Smartphones

   If you are a Microsoft Windows user maybe Windows XP, Windows Vista or even Windows 7 then I guess you will be familiar with CPU-Z. CPU-Z is an application that provides full detailed information about a Computer System, it provides details of the CPU, motherboard, chipset, GPU, RAM, ROM and so much more. The CPU-Z for Windows PC back then was created by CPUID but they have now released a version of the App for Android devices which I guess will definitely make the application spread like wildfire because of its outstanding ability.
   The CPU-Z on Android also works exactly like the windows PC version because it gives you a breakdown of your device. It gives you more information about the current clock speeds of all the CPU cores, CPU load, and also System information which includes Software version, Available free memory, Storage space, Battery statistics and readings from all the sensors on your device, including the accelerometer, proximity sensor, gyroscope, etc. 

   CPU-Z is free to download at Google PlayStore and it is a good application which can help find out a bit more about your device without going all the way to the internal part of your phone settings to view it. To download it, go to Google PlayStore and search for it there or Click here

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