Monday, June 17, 2013

Download The New Google Cloud Print App for Android Devices

   Google has launched a new application for Android devices that will allow Android users to print documents wirelessly over the cloud, which means that if you are an Android user, you don’t have to carry your printer all around before printing off your important documents. The application is called Cloud Print and is now available on Google PlayStore for FREE.

   But before using this app to print your documents over the cloud, your printer obviously needs to be connected to the internet and if the printer is supported by Cloud Print then it will show up in the Share menu on your Android device whenever you are browsing a webpage or whenever you are viewing a document. From there, selecting the printer and printing off the document will be as easy as ABC and everything will be done over the cloud; wirelessly.

   Another thing you have to take note is the fact that you will have to set up the printer before first use, but don’t worry all the first usage setup instructions is  provided in the application. You can download Cloud Print for free by visiting Google Play Store on your Android. 

   I hope you will like this new Android Application and don't forget to drop your comments, contributions and experience about this App by making use of the comment box provided below. You can also share this interesting post with your friends by making use of the share buttons on the left side. 

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