Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) revealed - Costs $399 and €399

    Sony has officially announced the release of the PlayStation 4 console and they also showed everyone what the console actually looks like. The PlayStation 4 is black in color with angular design. On the front, there is a slot for the Blu-ray drive and also two USB 3.0 ports within a slit that runs across the side. On the back, there is a clear view of the ventilation and connectivity ports, which include Ethernet, HDMI-out, Aux port for accessories and Power port. As with previous generation models, the PS4 can be made to stand vertically because of its flat and rectangular design.

   Sony also revealed that the PlayStation 4 will be released in the United States and Europe for $399 and €399 respectively. They also mentioned the fact that the console will come with a single Dual Shock 4 controller which means that you have to get a second controller which costs $59 only, as will the PlayStation Camera accessory. Sony did not mention a specific date when the console will start selling in the US and even Europe but mentioned that the PS4 will be available during the holiday season.So, lets wait till the holiday season to have a taste of the PlayStation 4. What do you think about the PlayStation 4 ? Lets hear from you, Make use of the comment box provided below !!!

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