Monday, June 10, 2013

TradeStable.Com.Ng – Nigeria's Free Classified Website

   There are lots of free classified websites online where you can sell and buy both new and used products but the main factor to consider before using any free classified website to advertise your products or goods is Traffic. While considering how much traffic a  classified website gets, some questions like this may come to your mind – How many users are using this classified website daily? How many of those users will see your advertised product? How long will it take before you sell off the product you are advertising? All the questions listed above are very important because if there are no users to view your product, then who will now buy it?

   I have tried a lot of classified websites, but I am very happy with TradeStable because of the outcome of my using it and I will like to share my experience with you. is a free classified website where you can buy and sell almost anything you can think of and as you can see in its URL, it’s a Nigerian website. TradeStable allows you to post free Ads about products you want to sell or buy in different categories like Clothes & Personal Items, Electronics, Vehicles, Houses and even Jobs & some other services. Although, the Login and Create an Account features have just been launched but still; you don’t need an account at TradeStable before you can post your Ads thereby making it very easy to use.

   TradeStable is available in all the 36 states in Nigeria so no matter where you live in Nigeria, you can still tell other Nigerians you are willing to sell your Nokia Lumia 920, your HP 650 Laptop and all other stuffs you could think of at the comfort of your room. Since you are now familiar with TradeStable, keep the following in mind to make sure you sell off your product as soon as possible.
  • Always upload a real and clear image of the product you are willing to sell. Ads with images attract users more than those without images.
  • Always put reasonable and affordable prices to the product you are selling. 
  • Make sure you include your Mobile phone number & email address and make it visible so that interested buyers will be able to contact you as soon as possible.
  • Describe the product as much as you can so that buyers will have insight of what it looks like without even seeing it physically yet.
   You can now go ahead and use TradeStable but don't forget to share your experience with us, what do you think about this free classified website? How long did it take you to sell off the items you posted? Lets Hear from you. Feel free to drop your comment, suggestion or contribution by using the comment box below. Do you think this post is informative ? Then kindly share it with your friends. Hope this Helps !!!    

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