Nokia Lumia 920: Review and Price at MTN Stores in Nigeria

   It’s been a while now since Nokia launched their super-hot Windows 8 Phone and lots of loyal Nokia customers are trying their best to purchase, have and use the Nokia Lumia 920.

   The new generation Nokia Lumia 920 Smartphone comes with the newest and latest Windows Phone 8 Operating System but what freaks me most about the Smartphone is the
revolutionary new way to charge it called ‘Wireless Charging’. Apart from this, there are also some other features that comes with the phone also making it outstanding –

Pure Motion Display -The Pure Motion HD+ display is presently the world’s fastest, brightest and most sensitive touch screen, it responds to your fingertips sensitively and it displays all colours clearly.

Pure View - The Pureview technology with the Carl Zeiss lens enables you to capture blur-free photos and videos even if the camera is shaking or in low light due to its optical image stabilization.

SkyDrive - with SkyDrive, all your windows applications and files are truly mobile, you can sync them with your laptop and tablet to access all your files & documents from anywhere.

Nokia City Lens -You can discover all your city has to offer you by looking at your camera’s viewfinder, it really makes searching easy – searching for the best restaurant, hotel or bar with your classic Nokia Lumia 920. The city is in your palm.

   These are the amazing features that comes with the Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 920 is available at MTN Stores for just N105, 000 ($700) with 6 months free internet. After purchasing it at any MTN store, text ‘NOKIA’ to ‘131’ to activate your 6 months free internet. Feel free to use the comment box provided below in case you have any question, suggestion, contribution or opinion about this Smartphone. Hope this helps.
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Author: Ayoola Stephen

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  1. But I learnt other shops are selling this phone below N100,000. (precisely N95,000). Is there no price slash at MTN shops yet?
    That apart, can MTN give you the free 6 months internet access even when you buy this phone from other shops?

    1. You cant get the free 6 months internet access if you don't buy it at MTN office, i think the cost of the 6 months internet access is the reason why the price is a bit expensive than other stores

  2. What has MTN got to gain if U buy the phone @ anoda shop?

    1. Yes, you are right... They have nothing to gain because they too must make their profit now ...

  3. Why can't Nokia have a like a monthly subscription like blackberry does? Or is it beyond their power?

    1. Yeah, I also think like that sometimes but the problem is from our network providers in Nigeria not from Nokia. MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat and others should be the one to provide affordable monthly plan for us not Nokia's fault...

  4. Is the price still the same now that we are in december or has it step down abit?

  5. I have a Nokia Lumia 920 that I want to sell


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