Friday, October 25, 2013

WhatsApp Reaches 350 Million Monthly Users

   Earlier this week, WhatsApp CEO - Jan Koum announced that the highly popular instant messenger [WhatsApp Messenger] has now reached 350 million monthly active users. Earlier this year, around middle of April; Jan Koum announced that WhatsApp is bigger than Twitter with 200 million monthly active users and that number was 300 million in August. The most interesting part of this story is that a massive 7 million new users come in each month through one of the WhatsApp-Supported Nokia Phones and this summed up to like 250,000 new users each day signing up through a Nokia Windows Phone, Symbian or Asha device.
   Also, Whats App is one of the most popular instant messenger in the world; which makes it really wanted by almost everyone. Apart from those that are signing up on WhatsApp through the Nokia phones mentioned above, there are still many other new users that use WhatsApp on their Android phones which Nokia doesn't even support. If you've not been using WhatsApp then you may also consider using it, one of our upcoming posts will be based on how to use WhatsApp even on some unsupported phones. Subscribe and Stay tuned !


  1. I know very soon blackberry messenger user will pass that

    1. Olutunde Femi, Thanks for the comment but I don't think BlackBerry Messenger users will exceed WhatsApp users because WhatsApp is available on almost any platform and almost everyone uses it. Remember that there are lots of people who use WhatsApp on their Java phones whereas BBM cant work on Java phones.


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