Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to Add Google Plus Badges to Blogger Blogs

   This morning, I decided to add one of Google plus widgets to my blog because Google plus widgets helps increase Google plus followers, readers and traffic. I'm sure every bloggers dream is to increase their followers, readers and get more traffic. The Google Plus Widget I installed is the Google Plus Badge which is usually seen on many blogger blogs. Google has recently updated their Badges making them flexible, attractive and easy to install. In this post, I'll be talking about how to add a Google Plus followers badge to a blogger blog.
   First of all, there are 3 types of Google plus badges which are - Badges for Google + Profiles, Badges for Google+ Pages and Badges for Google+ Community. Badges for Google+ Profiles are meant for individuals who have a Google account and use Google Plus while Badges for Google+ Pages are badges for pages on Google+ which has some additional and different features to the aforementioned. Badges for Google+ Communities are badges meant to promote communities by allowing readers to preview and be a member of the community. Now, how do we add these badges to a blogger blog ?

StevenBergy Google+ Badges
Google+ Badges

How to Create and Add Badges to Blogger Blog

  • Click Here ->> Google+ Badges Creation Page to get started.
  • Click on Any of the Profiles or Pages / Community you want to create a badge for (after logging in with your Google Account).
  • Now select the Badge option since you are creating a badge.
  • Choose either a Portrait or Landscape Layout (I chose Potrait because I think is lovely & attractive).
  • Set your preffered badge width (this depends on the width of your sidebar or where you want to place the badge).
  • Color theme, Cover photo, Tagline and Language can be set to your taste (look at the right preview box as you make changes).
  • Copy the generated code for your badge under the badge preview box as shown below.
  • Now, Paste the copied code anywhere you want it to appear on your Blog by using the Add a Gadget -> HTML / JavaScript method.
   Done ! Visit your blog and you should see the newly-added Google+ Badge right where you pasted its code. What do you think about the Google+ badge ? Do you have any problem installing it ? Do you think its better to add the Google+ Profile instead of the Google+ Page or both ? Lets hear from you, make use of the comment box below and kindly share this post with your friends. Blessings !!!

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