Friday, November 15, 2013

How to Find and Share your PIN on the BBM for Android and iOS App

   Some people who are still new to the BBM for Android and iOS App find it so difficult to have new contacts to chat with on their BlackBerry Messenger App because of two main reasons, some don't know how to locate their PIN after installing the BBM App and some knows how to locate it but they don't know how to share it with others. This post explains briefly How to find and locate your BBM PIN and also, How to share it with others.

How to Find your BlackBerry Messenger PIN

1. Tap your profile photo in the top left hand corner of the BBM screen. Your BBM PIN will be shown below on the profile page.
2. To display your BBM PIN and PIN barcode together, tap BlackBerry® on the profile page.

How to Share your BlackBerry Messenger PIN

1. Take a screenshot of your BBM PIN barcode and post it to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram so that your friends will be able to scan it on their PC and add you.

2. Share your BBM PIN in the following format so that Android and iPhone users can click on it to quickly add you ; For example, click this link on your phone and see what happens !!! - ...Fast ?

3. BlackBerry Smartphone users can click on your BBM PIN when it's in the format - pin:YOURPIN e.g. pin:76427B64.

   There are still some other ways to get more contacts on your BBM list, do you know of any other way that is easy and fast ? Kindly share it with us. Are you still waiting to join the plenty number of users who use BBM for Android and iOS App ? Kindly check this list of Tecno Android phones that uses BBM and if you have an Android 4.0 OS & above phone but haven't downloaded BBM at all, this post will help - Download BBM.apk via StevenBergy.Com.Ng [SBCN]

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