Monday, December 30, 2013

Updated List of All Nigerian Science & Technology Blogs

Day-by-day, the number of Science & Technology Blogs and Websites are increasing rapidly. From tens to hundreds to thousands and now millions, some are on the Blogger platform while most are on WordPress but to be more specific, this post will be listing ALL the Tech Blogs in Nigeria (both those that are based & run in Nigeria and those that are based or run abroad but belongs to a Nigerian) but before moving on to the list, I have a question for you – Like how many Tech Blogs do you think there is, in Nigeria? You probably have no idea, right? Well, listed below are the Tech Blogs in Nigeria with no order of importance.

Note: This list is arranged alphabetically without any order of importance and it is generated from the list of registered Technology Blogs on the NBA website and Alexa.

  • 3rd Planet Techies
  • 502nuggety
  • 9ineGames
  • 9jagist forum
  • A Bloggs life
  • Abiodunfuoye
  • AboutDevice
  • African Dynamo
  • Agropreneur Naija!
  • All About SmartPhones And Mobile Application
  • AmazingNaija | Latest NG Gist Online
  • Android Nigeria
  • Andytech
  • Awwal Technology
  • Babanature
  • Babawalexy's blog
  • Basic Tech Tricks
  • Blogging From The Scratch
  • Brain Techz
  • Browsing Cheat
  • Business Matter
  • Cheatzone
  • Chibby Arena
  • Consumer News Nigeria
  • CoolMediaBlog
  • Corporate Technology Club
  • Cozzy Magazine
  • Cybarconnect
  • Cybertechz Entertainment
  • Da Geek Tech and Web Guide
  • Dabibi Ori-ibim's Blog
  • Daily Tech Media
  • DailyExtracts
  • Darlington PETERS
  • Dayo Ibitoye's Blog
  • Design Cook Love
  • Dmaranatha's blog
  • DonMunich's Blog
  • Drickheta's Blog
  • Eastcoastprince blog
  • Ebimablog
  • ECHO Solutions Nigeria
  • Ember 365
  • Fathomberry
  • FirstHandViews
  • Fullcurrent Blog
  • Gatewayblog
  • Geek.NG
  • General Internet Tutorial
  • GidiBlitz
  • GuddySpeaks
  • Haliwud
  • Hello
  • Hidden smartphone knowledge revealed
  • Home of Technology
  • Info Gallery
  • Info Tech Zone
  • InnovationVillage
  • Interesting stuff on the internet
  • ISOtechnoc
  • It's about Tech
  • It's Social Science
  • iTOOknow
  • Just Do SEO
  • Kenes Computer Technology
  • Konga Kulture
  • Lasgidisnews
  • Learnxlr
  • Linz tech group
  • LucreativeTech
  • Manny Inc
  • MaxkDAVE Tech Blog
  • Mobilegreentips
  • Mobiletrophy
  • Mosh Byte
  • MS Excel Tutorials, Personal Finance & Tech Tips
  • Mymobnet! E-Mag
  • Naija Mode
  • Naija360
  • NaijaBamBam
  • Netmediablog
  • Ngbuzz Forum
  • Nigeria Information Portal
  • Nigeria Technology Blog
  • Nigeria Technology Hub
  • OgbongeBlog
  • Ogbongeinfo
  • Olando
  • Onthirdplanet Tech Blog
  • Orjiakor
  • OscarMini
  • Oshodioke
  • Passnownow
  • PCFix
  • prezy's blog
  • Prezy'z own blog
  • Questechie
  • Redroofcity
  • RegularScience
  • SimmyIdeas
  • Smile and Mobile
  • Smith's Webclinic
  • StevenBergy.Com.Ng - Nigerian Tech Updates Blog
  • SteveTosin's Blog
  • Strong Future International (SFI)
  • Stuffs4share
  • TalksFriendite
  • Tech News Blog
  • TechAngelsGates
  • TechCity
  • TechLoy
  • Technesstivity
  • Technology News and Opinion - Dekstar Inc.
  • TechYan Blog - Nigeria's Tutorial  and Technology Blog
  • TechzDot
  • Tekedia
  • The Book of Elchyko
  • The eTech Villa
  • The ramblings of a medic
  • The Tech. Journal - Blogging Tips, Social Media, Mobile Gadgets, Money Making
  • The Technified Diary
  • The Young Engineerzz Blog
  • Topserve Nigeria Blog
  • UltraDrift
  • Vincent's Technology Blog
  • Wasconet
  • Wealth Creation
  • Web Trends Nigeria
  • Weblife Nigeria
  • Wesaytech
  • World Base Communication Technology
  • Xclusive Tech
  • Yaga News
  • YomiBlog
  • Zemasoft

   Most of (If not all) the blogs listed in this post have proved to be very useful, helpful and highly informative when it comes to providing their readers & visitors with important Tech updates in the following sub-categories – Android Apps, Android Tips & Tricks, Application Downloads, Blogging Tips, Blogging Tutorials, How To, Make Money Online, PC & Gadgets, Smartphones Reviews, Phones Price Comparison, Software Downloads, Tech News etc…
   Nice list, so what next ? Well, kindly take your time to check them out and pay them a visit. Do you know of any other Nigerian Tech Blog that is not on this list? Then why not share them with us by using the comment box below? We’d really appreciate that and also; have you seen your blog, a friend’s blog or a blog you know very well on this list? Or do you really find this post so informative & helpful? Then kindly share this post with your friends and others. Don’t forget to subscribe to our free mailing list in order to get our future updates and articles directly into your mailbox. Happy Blogging!!!


  1. Wow! Such a splendid list bro, thanks for mentioning our url too. Can you please do us a favor by replacing the 3rd Planet Techies address with the updated one ( Thanks

    1. Hello Obasi, Thanks for the comment. I've replaced the URL as you requested.. Thumbs Up

    2. I know you must have taken great number of valuable time to come up with a list as huge as this. Do have a wonderful 2014

    3. Thanks a lot Obasi, Same to you Bro.

  2. my blog is not there.

    1. Your Blog is now listed Bro.. Kindly share the post with others, Thanks

  3. Awsome list I think in will try visit like 10.

    1. Thanks Daniel, Really glad to hear that...

  4. Good compilation. Well I never heard about the registration at NBA then. You may checkout

    1. Thanks Monsur, You have a nice blog there. It has been added to the list as you can see and also, try to register at NBA too, which means - more traffic and exposure *winks*

    2. Thanks bro. Imma register asap. I appreciate your efforts

  5. title: The Young Engineerzz

    1. Hi Abiola, Your Blog has been successfully added to the list. Thanks and Share

  6. Nice Thread...Buh I guess u check Out all

    1. Nice Blog Zeal, But I noticed your Blog is more of Entertainment, Gossips and Gists than Technology and it also has some Adult contents... I think its better to list it as an Entertainment Blog rather than a Tech Blog.

  7. Nice list boss but you also missed my blog

    1. Olili Bob.. Your Blog is on the list, I wouldn't miss it. The Technified Diary, right ? Its even on the Techie Blogs Widget. Re-check very well

  8. Good compilation, It's great making the list, it's awesome making the top 5.. Thanks a lot crew.... you guys rock.... HNY peeps

    1. You are highly welcome. Thanks a lot and note that we are StevenBergy.Com.Ng

  9. Web Trends Nigeria is also missing -

    1. Added !!! Make sure you share please. Thanks

  10. Thanks Ayoola For adding my blog @

  11. Thanks bro.... i can see my blog listed there

    1. Okay Sir, What's the title of your Blog ?

  12. Ayoola i'll need your help on my new blog... Would appreciate any advise u'll give.

    1. Hello, Your Blog is not accessible... Check if something is wrong

  13. Wow! Great compilation. Jez stumbled here from google while checking my pagerank. You listed my blog Xclusive Tech.
    Thanks bro...

    1. Thanks for the comment Stefn, glad your Blog is already on the list. Kindly share this post with your followers and fans so they will be aware.

  14. Nice job u are doing here kindly check out u even see it as number one wen u Google for information technology blog in Nigeria. Check it out

  15. Hello Stephen, like seriously, TechYan Blog isn't on the list. Would you be kind enough to include it?

    Name: TechYan Blog - Nigeria's Tutorial and Technology Blog

    Cheers and happy blogging buddy.

    1. Hi Sam... Thanks for letting me know, I guess your blog is not yet listed on the NBA website, that's why I unintentionally left it out. Now, it has been included, kindly share the post with your followers and readers. Happy Blogging Bro

    2. Thanks Buddy, and Yes, i havent registered my blog on NBA, perhaps i should do that asap. Happy Blogging buddy.

  16. Wow nice list you here, don't forget :D

    1. Okay Bro, thanks for the comment. It will be added ASAP.

  17. Nice one but also know its a technology forum.

    1. Hi Emmanuel, this post is only for Nigerian Tech Blogs not Forums, you'll notice Nairaland is not on that list also, right ?

  18. Replies
    1. Hi Adedeji, Amazingnaija has been added to the list. You can recheck and confirm, thanks for letting us know.

  19. This our blog pls add our to your lists
    Thanks Bros

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